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May 1, 2024

Meet ECC: Sponsor of the Interior Awards 2024

This year marks ECC’s 10th year of partnership with the Interior Awards, having come on board as a sponsor in 2015. Director, Andrew Thorburn tells us about ECC hitting a major milestone this year – 115 years in business.

Tell us about any recent innovations in your business (new products, practices, systems) that you would like interior designers and architects to know about.

Andrew Thorburn (AT):  We’re excited about the evolution of our Architectural Lighting systems. This year sees our vision for seamless integration continue, with iGuzzini launching their new Filorail system. With an aperture of just 3.6mm, Filorail has a futuristic impact where technology integrates imperceptibly with architecture. The system creates a harmonious blend between innovation and design, meeting the needs of people using these spaces without interfering with the aesthetic experience and offering an advanced lifestyle setting.

What do you most enjoy about being involved with the Interior Awards?

AT: The Interior Awards brings together fellow industry professionals and projects we have been involved with, often since design inception. Seeing these projects come out of the ground and, ultimately, through to completion is super rewarding. Then to celebrate the finished design with the rest of the country in the context of the Interior Awards feels great.

What are you looking forward to this year?

AT: This year our company is celebrating 115 years in business. The business expands four generations of our family. It’s an extremely important milestone in the history of our company and is a testament to ECC’s ability to stay relevant and lead in our industry.

Learn more at interiorawards.co.nz.

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