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May 8, 2024

Home in Gujarat: This modern Japanese-style house in Ankleshwar is a study in balancing colours

The strategies employed ensured an open and airy feel in the living area which also incorporates large floor-to-ceiling L-shaped windows that floods it with natural light, creating a bright and welcoming ambiance. As the clients wanted the kitchen to be modern, yet away from the living area; the placement of the hearth is towards the back of this 5,160-square-foot space.

In the daughter’s bedroom, the concrete-finished wall renders a modern and industrial aesthetic, providing a sense of texture and visual interest to the space; while the custom-made wall sconces create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Note the large photograph on the wall sourced from Italy (like the furniture pieces here) which creates a focal point in the room.

Photographix India

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In this master suite, the wooden louvers can be manipulated to allow sunlight in. Furniture from Italy, which includes a sofa, console, coffee table and a bed with fabric upholstered headboard; and a rug from Obeetee with geometric design… follows the overall theme of simplicity and cleanliness, creating a neat and organized space.

Photographix India

The kitchen has a fresh and calming atmosphere—it is adorned in a pista green colour scheme with a statuario white countertop, creating a clean and contemporary look. Adjacent to the kitchen, an oval-shaped table surrounded by six chairs indicates the dining area of the house. The backyard with the small water body which runs along the dining-kitchen area includes a small waterbody, an open bar and an outdoor seating area—establishing the perfect indoor-outdoor connection, whilst forming an extended space for guests to move around during get-together and parties. The two bedroom suites in the house lie on opposite ends of a passage on the first level, and follows the overall theme of simplicity, muted tones and personalization.

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