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May 18, 2024

Concrete Contractor’s 2023 Top Products Winners

Today’s concrete contractors are working smarter than ever. Equipment and tools are designed to help them be more productive and as efficient as possible. The products and solutions presented with the Concrete Contractor 2023 Top Products award are designed to not only help overcome the challenges contractors face on a daily basis but do so with innovative ideas and ingenuity.

The Concrete Contractor 2023 Top Products award recognizes products, tools, and equipment within the construction, decorative, and finishing world. Congratulations to them all.

Presented in alphabetical order by company/manufacturer with a short list of honorable mentions. Click the following to jump to the section: D-K, L & M, N-R, S-Z, and Honorable Mentions.

Announcing the 2023 Top Products in video.


The Propane-Powered Riding Concrete Trowel HDX615

By Allen Engineering Corp.

Allen EngineeringAllen Engineering’s riding concrete trowel HDX615 is powered by Power Solutions International’s 2.4-liter dual-fuel gasoline and propane engine providing up to 67.1 hp and 125.2 ft.-lbs. of torque. Backed by data and support from the Propane Education & Research Council, the dual-powered engine offers a path to a clean energy solution without compromising on performance or range, the company said. 

“This is an exciting development for contractors,” says Joe Calhoun, the director of off-road business development at PERC. “Contractors have been enjoying the benefits of propane-powered concrete trowels for years. This new Allen Engineering unit is the largest of its class and, being dual fuel, enables operation indoors and outdoors to meet the immediate needs of the job.”

The Aqua Cutter 750V Hydrodemolition RobotAquajet

The Aqua Cutter 750V Hydrodemolition Robot

By Aquajet

Aquajet’s Aqua Cutter 750V features the company’s Infinity oscillation that moves the water jet in an infinity, or figure eight, pattern, removing more concrete in a single pass while reducing shadowing, eliminating the risk of pipe holes and providing an efficient bonding surface.

The 750V also features the next generation Evolution 3.0 Control System that includes new functions, including the ability to automatically calculate optimal settings for lance motion for greater precision and efficiency. Like all Aqua Cutter Robots, the 750V cleans and descales rebar without causing microfracturing. It also maintains horizontal, vertical and overhead reach, making it suitable for a wide variety of concrete removal tasks, such as renovation and bridge and road repair. Brickform Ultra-M1x Pre-measured Concrete ColoringBrickform, a Division of Solomon Colors

Ultra-M1x Pre-measured Concrete Coloring

By Brickform, a division of Solomon Colors

Brickform Ultra-M1x is a blend of pure iron oxide pigment and Ultra Fiber 500, packaged in a pre-measured repulpable bag. Ultra-M1x offers a premium color system combined with the added benefit of UltraFiber 500 in the mix. Ultra-M1x can be added at the ready-mix plant or at the jobsite. Brickform Ultra-M1x requires no measuring and disperses evenly throughout the concrete mix. Ultra-M1x is the perfect choice for architectural concrete on residential, commercial and municipal applications.

  •    One bag per cubic yard
  •    Repulpable bags
  •    Fiber reinforced
  •    Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking
  •    20 premium colors
  •    1lb of fiber per bag

Coval Polished Concrete Sealer | Coval PCSCoval Technologies

Coval Polished Concrete Sealer

By Coval Technologies

The Coval Polished Concrete Sealer (PCS) by Coval Technologies won’t change the natural beauty of polished concrete while protecting the surface from stains, acids, and oils.

  • Will not distract from natural-looking polished concrete.
  • Better protection than traditional guards without constant maintenance. 
  • Penetrates the pores of polished concrete to create a new, long-lasting, chemical and liquid barrier.
  • Will never become thick and gooey after repetitive adhesions as other concrete guards can do.
  • Protects against water and salt damage.

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Diamond Segmented 2-in-1 Turbo Masonry Cut-Off BladesDiablo Tools


Diamond Segmented 2-in-1 Turbo Masonry Cut-Off Blades

By Diablo Tools

Diablo Tools’ diamond segmented turbo masonry cut-off blades provide extreme durability, longer life and faster cuts in concrete and brick. Designed to fit standard arbor sizes and X-Lock interface, these diamond blades deliver up to 30% faster cuts and up to 4X longer cutting life versus standard diamond cut-off blades – a revolutionary design that is disrupting the masonry cutting industry.

Current diamond segmented and diamond turbo blades on the market are designed to offer either a quick cut or a clean cut – resulting in professionals choosing between speed and quality cuts. Having to choose between these two blades results in additional time and labor on the jobsite. Diablo’s diamond segmented turbo blades feature an innovative 2-in-1 design that delivers the best of both worlds with fast and clean cuts in all masonry materials. 


By General Equipment Co.

The BITTYBREAKER Manual Impact BreakerGeneral Equipment CompanyDesigned to provide a simple, inexpensive alternative to jackhammers, sledgehammers, pickaxes and other tools, General Equipment Company’s the BITTYBREAKER (model 102) is a manual impact breaker/tamper. Compatible with a multitude of industry-standard jackhammer tools, the hand-held BITTYBREAKER offers a powerful impact energy to effectively break concrete or frozen ground, cut asphalt, tamp dirt, chop roots, or remove ceramic tiles and brick pavers.

The BITTYBREAKER was developed as a low-tech, yet highly effective solution for small breaking jobs. Featuring a lightweight, thin barrel design, the BITTYBREAKER weighs only 21 pounds (9.5 kg) and has a Posi-Grip handle for safe, comfortable operation. The internal piston and barrel are constructed of solid steel, helping the tool produce an impressive force of up to 1,450 ft.-lbs. (1,966 N.m.) of energy per blow. An operator can typically complete 10 to 20 blows per minute, depending on the rate of work. A spring-assist tool retainer is included to help prevent damage in the event of a dry fire.

The NCV 4-22 Pencil Concrete Vibrator

By Hilti

Hilti to Offer Battery-powered Portable Pencil Concrete VibratorHiltiDesigned for settling concrete, this heavy-duty finishing tool is cordless and powered by the Nuron battery platform. A portable design allows the concrete vibrator to reach various sections of busy worksites, as well as tight spaces, curbs and gutters.

On the NCV 4-22, operators have access to a switch-on interlock for the control switch and a grip handle for stability. A maximum plunge depth marking is available on the shaft.

Nuron tools utilizes 22V li-ion batteries for a manageable power-to-weight ratio. Nuron’s new electronics provide insights on battery and tool use. Nuron supports cordless battery performance monitoring with a built-in battery health tester, sealed electronics, shock absorbers and reinforced housing for protection in tough jobsite conditions.

Cc2012 Image 6435ac1a80925[1]Kraft Tool Co.

The Orange Thunder Walking Float with Ultra Twist Bracket

By Kraft Tool Co.

Kraft Tool expanded its KO-20 blade material to include the Orange Thunder Walking Float with Ultra Twist Bracket. The 36-in. by 3-1/2-in. blade has rounded ends and broken-in edges for floating without gouging.

The walking float features an aluminum bar down the middle of the blade to provide reinforced strength. Topped with the unique Ultra Twist Bracket provides a full 360 degrees of rotation to work from any angle. Its large range of motion is great for hard-to-reach places and working around obstructions. The bracket fits 1 3/8 in. or 1 3/4 in. button bull float handles.

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Liebherr THP 80-LPLiebherr

L & M

The 80-LP Concrete City Pump

By Liebherr

The THP 80-LP truck-mounted concrete city pump is a compact and powerful pump designed specifically for the North American market. It is the smallest pump in the truck mounted concrete pump product line. It offers many of the same features as the larger truck mounted concrete pumps.

It is designed for jobs in urban environments, residential jobs and compact job sites where space is limited.

Liebherr’s new city pump fulfils an industry need for a reliable and flexible boomless pump truck for line pumping applications. The design and development of the THP80-LP city pump is a result of customer feedback and Liebherr’s many years of engineering and production. 

The E-Z Placer Concrete Line Pump PlacerLigchine

The E-Z Placer

By Ligchine

The E-Z PLACER provides a portable, easy-to-operate, agile solution for efficiently and safely placing concrete in line pump applications. As a self-propelled, remote-operated concrete placer and line dragger in a single, easy-to-transport unit, it provides a safe work environment by keeping the operator and machine out of the finishing area. 

The E-Z PLACER is remote operated with a full set of backup manual controls on the machine. At 60-in. wide and 4,000 lbs., this machine is easy to transport and maneuver on the job site.

The BullVibe Vibratory Bull Float


The BullVibe Vibratory Bull FloatMBW Inc.Generally, a contractor will need a vibratory bull float in emergency situations (concrete setting up too quickly, cold joints, a second ready mix truck not showing up on time). Vibratory energy will be required to blend in the concrete, and to bring the cream back up to the top of the slab. These are great application examples in which a contractor can use the BullVibe. 

  • Any Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM battery can be used.
  • Sealed, so no maintenance/greasing is required
  • Compatible with poles and floats from Marshalltown, Kraft, Roseburrough Tool, and Bon Tool

The MX FUEL 36 in. Walk-Behind Trowel

By Milwaukee Tool

The MX FUEL 36 in. Walk-Behind TrowelMilwaukee Tool Co.Milwaukee Tool’s MX FUEL 36-in. Walk-Behind Trowel provides smoothed, balanced finishing with 5HP performance, no gas headaches, and 25 min of runtime per charge. The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor delivers 5HP performance and unmatched control with a max blade speed of 130 RPM and an ergonomic throttle design. The trowel provides instant power with no gas headaches and requires no regular maintenance, producing less noise and zero emissions for a safer workspace indoors or outdoors.

It is compatible with all MX FUEL REDLITHIUM batteries, giving you the hardest working and most reliable power for equipment. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence ensures optimal performance and provides overload protection to protect your machine and battery during the toughest applications.

The Redesigned A-1CL Dowel Pin Drill

By Minnich

Minnich Updates A-1CL Dowel Pin Drill for Concrete ApplicationsMinnichMinnich Manufacturing has redesigned the A-1C dowel pin drill to offer concrete contractors the same performance at a more affordable price.

“We’re excited to offer a quality drill for customers who need a basic option. We’re proud of our higher-end products, but some road-building contractors simply don’t need all the bells and whistles that accompany them. The A-1CL is for them,” says Rob Minnich, president and CMO of Minnich Manufacturing. “The Minnich quality our customers know and love is still there, just with fewer features than the original A-1C.”

The A-1CL dowel pin drill is an on-slab drill that offers horizontal, vertical and 35-degree stitch and skewed drilling positions. The drill is maneuverable but does not include a formal steering system. The A-1CL nomenclature refers to its lightweight design, weighing in at 350-lbs.

The Mayco LS300GK Small Concrete Pump

By Multiquip

The Mayco LS300GK Small Concrete PumpMultiquipThe Multiquip Mayco LS300GK compact, trailer-mounted concrete pump combines levels of performance with the build quality you would expect on larger pumps.

Multiquip designed the LS300GK to be unique and distinct from other pumps with a 30-yard/hour output, handling up to 1 1/2-in. aggregate.

  • Oversized 6-in. material cylinders
  • 800 psi piston face pressure (max)
  • 85.0 HP liquid-cooled Kubota WG3800 gasoline engine

The versatile LS300GK pumps a variety of concrete mix designs and is ideal for slab work, block fill, shotcrete and more.  The pump features a 10 cubic foot capacity hopper that is easily removed for maintenance and accessibility to wear components.  Operators will appreciate the easy to read, solid-state digital control panel and optional wireless remote control.

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The Rogue Walk-behind Electric ScraperNational Flooring Equipment

The Rogue Walk-behind Scraper

By National Flooring Equipment

National Flooring Equipment’s The Rogue provides floor preparation contractors with the power and productivity of a ride-on scraper in the compact size of a walk-behind. The Rogue is an all-electric scraper with precision steering, speeds up to 150 ft/min and a fully adjustable blade angle at the touch of a button.

When developing the Rogue, National Flooring Equipment explored how it could redesign a walk-behind scraper to have all the features of a larger, ride-on in a compact machine. Legacy walk-behind machines are typically difficult to maneuver, using hydraulics to control the scraper. Instead, the Rogue is a fully electric machine, with increased maneuverability and speed — where a traditional walk-behind scraper could work up to 30 ft/min, the Rogue can do up to 150 ft in the same time.

FOAMGLAS Perinsul SIB Thermal Bridging Solution

By Owens Corning

Owens Corning PERINSUL_SIBOwens CorningAs the AEC community looks to achieve ever more energy-efficient buildings, Owens Corning is introducing a solution to improve thermal performance, increase energy efficiency and minimize performance loss in the event of moisture exposure.

Owens Corning is introducing FOAMGLAS Perinsul SIB (Structural Insulating Block) as a thermal bridging solution for high-performance buildings. Material science helps explain its thermal performance. FOAMGLAS Perinsul SIB is a block made of cellular glass, enabling it to help eliminate thermal bridging beneath exterior masonry veneer walls. This thermal bridge near the foundation has historically been difficult to address due to the need for an insulating material that could meet both structural load and thermal performance requirements.

Pecora-Deck HB1000 Series

By Pecora Corporation

Pecora-Deck HB1000 SeriesPecora CorporationThe Pecora-Deck HB1000 High Build Traffic Coating System was developed to provide contractors with an industrial-grade alternative to traditional polyurethane coatings. This system was designed to be used in heavy-duty vehicular and pedestrian applications. Pecora-Deck HB1000 can withstand high-impact conditions and exhibits exceptional abrasion resistance. HB1000 is a low-VOC and low-odor coating making it an ideal choice for interior applications with adjacent occupied space.

Concrete Meter Cart

By Runyon Data Services

Runyon Data Services - Concrete Meter CartRunyon Surface Prep Rental & SupplyAfter years of R&D, diligent testing, and constant improvements, RSP’s Runyon Data Services addresses the issue of convenience, they developed a self-contained mobile cart to house the meters and charger. That means no more kneeling and bending. In order to radically increase utility, a small computer “brain” was incorporated into the cart, where it wirelessly transmits meter readings directly into the Runyon App. Thus, no more scribbling.

From that Runyon App, measurements can be compared to selected specs, compiled into custom reports, enhanced with comments and images, and then stored and/or securely disseminated via email or text. All this from the palm of your hand.

So, whether you’re a contractor trying to meet required specs, or a manager/owner verifying that your specs have been met, there’s no longer a need to suffer through aching backs, disjointed equipment, or misplaced papers. A reliable solution exists. And while it’s been a long time in the making, Runyon Data Services is now available to boost efficiency, increase productivity, and make measuring so much easier over the life of your concrete.

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RCA-C Rigid Connector AngleSimpson Strong-Tie


RCA-C Rigid Connector Angle

By Simpson Strong-Tie

Designed to save installers time and reduce the cost of drilling connector holes at the jobsite, the RCA-C provides the most anchor options available, including holes for a 1/2-in. diameter anchor screw or bolt, or for two 1/4-in. diameter concrete screws positioned to allow a variety of fastening options.

The Simpson Strong-Tie family of rigid connector angles include general-purpose clip angles designed for a wide range of cold-formed steel construction applications. With prepunched holes for fastener attachment, these L-shaped clips save time and labor on the job and can be used for miscellaneous header/sill connections to jamb studs, jamb stud reinforcement at track, u-channel bridging, stud blocking, bypass curtain-wall framing, joist connections and other applications.

SikaCem-190 Concrete Control

By Sika

SikaCem-190 Concrete ControlSika CorporationIdeal for all concrete, colored concrete, and dry shake hardener applications, Sika’s SikaCem-190 Concrete Control is a non-filming, low VOC, amorphous colloidal silica topical additive applied to freshly placed concrete that maintains adequate moisture while reducing the risk of concrete setting prematurely.

Applications of SikaCem-190 Concrete Control include decorative concrete, concrete slabs, polished concrete, driveways and sidewalks, interior or exterior concrete, parking garages, industrial floor slabs, and bridges and roads. 

Concrete Broom + Cure MachineSomero Enterprises

The Broom + Cure Machine

By Somero

Somero’s Broom + Cure Machine solves the manual application problem in the broom and cure process. Built on a hybrid of an S-15R (upper) and S-22EZ (lower) frame – the Broom + Cure Machine has the performance and power to tackle all your paving jobs.

  • 14 ft. proprietary broom, spray bar, and channel float head are precision-engineered to follow ACI curing guidelines
  • Designed space for 55-gallon drums – integrated materials handling to keep spraying consistent and refills easy
  • Dual Sonic Tracer ensures accurate head height during the broom and cure process
  • Somero’s Soft Landing and Self-Leveling System delivers smooth and consistent brooming to curing transitions
  • 30-Gallon freshwater tank and hose to keep the head clean throughout the job


By SpaceCrete

Shot Vs Screed Text Fy Ionly 64075c7e7c7a1[1]3D-Admix is an engineered blend of active solids suspended inertly in a concentrated liquid Shrinkage Reducing Agent (SRA). This composition allows for maximum rheology modification to concrete or mortar with a very low dose of admix. The solids are of a blend developed to impart optimal properties to the modified concrete to enable rapid vertical stacking while minimizing plastic shrinkage.

The SP 20(i) Offset Concrete Paver

By Wirtgen

The SP 20i Offset PaverWirtgen Group | Wirtgen AmericaThe production of concrete safety barriers with a height of up to 2 m and the paving of flat surfaces with widths of up to 2.5 m are typical applications for the SP 20(i) offset paver. With the machine, Wirtgen offers its customers the ideal combination of productivity and mobility. Despite the large paving widths and heights it offers, the machine has a low transport weight and compact dimensions. 

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Honorable Mentions

Smart Creep Brings ‘Adaptive Cruise Control’ to Your Attachments

By Caterpillar

Catepillar Smart CreepCatepillarCaterpillar will soon launch a new smart creep feature for the full range of Cat D3 Skid Steer Loaders (SSL) and Compact Track Loaders (CTL) for operating Cat cold planer and wheel saw attachments.

Smart creep senses the load on the attachment and automatically adjusts the drive command to keep the cold planer or wheel saw running at the most productive speed.

A combination of attachment sensors and proprietary software optimally balances attachment load and machine speed to maximize productivity.

By continually sensing the load on the attachment, smart creep increases machine speed when encountering less resistance and automatically slows the machine when encountering higher loads. Engine load remains constant, while the operator can monitor hydraulic pressure on the in-cab display panel. Smart creep takes the guess work out of setting the right creep speed for operating the attachment.

The HALO Alignment System

By Digga

Digga HALO Drilling Alignment SystemDiggaDigga offers the HALO alignment system for drilling applications on construction sites. Located in the hood ring of the auger, HALO provides an operator with a simultaneous clear line of sight to itself, as well as the hole being dug. HALO utilizes a band of LED lights, which when fully illuminated green, indicates the auger is plumb. If the auger moves from its plumb position, a sequence of red and green lights will be lit to guide the operator back to plumb.    

This product does not need a spotter and spirit level to guide the operator. It also ensures holes are drilled plumb and reduces the number of in-hole angle adjustments, resulting in no oversized holes (minimizes the amount of concrete when filling). The system eliminates sideload on auges and auger bits, avoiding potential damage and repairs.

Three Vibratory Plate Compactor Attachments

By Kubota

Kubota Tractor Corporation and Land Pride announced the introduction of new construction attachments at this year’s World of Concrete show to include a new line of performance-matched vibratory compactors. Vibratory Compactors AP-PC400 / 700 / 1000 The new line of Plate Compactors are matched to Kubota excavators, in the 3-8-ton size range.

These versatile tools effectively compact soil and aggregate in open trenching, leveling, and embankment construction applications. These compactors are durable and ready for everyday use by construction crews in concrete applications and municipality work.

The Rooster Asset Tracking System

By Rooster

2023 Cc Top Product R2 63c84447ad28d[1]RoosterThe Rooster Asset Tracking System is an equipment management tool that captures powered, unpowered and heavy equipment activity and automates reporting. The Rooster Asset Tracking System consists of Rooster Hubs and Rooster Activity Trackers. Rooster Hubs are data portals that connect to the cloud through an LTE-M cellular connection to deliver GPS location and activity data. Rooster activity trackers are small, rugged devices that, once installed to a piece of equipment, capture activity on a minute-by-minute basis, for up to 5 years, and relay that data to the nearest Rooster Hub. The activity tracker data transmits through most concrete and metal to any Rooster Hub within a 1/2 mile using a long-range, low-power pairing protocol based on the LoRa communications standard and protected by more than a dozen patents issued and pending.

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