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May 18, 2024

Designers’ Favorite Wall Art Trends of 2024

Decorating blank walls with eye-catching pieces is an easy way to add a personal touch to the spaces in our homes. Whether you love a classic landscape in a gilded frame or lean more towards neutral abstracts, scouting the perfect wall art is ultimately a subjective journey. But sometimes finding the right piece of art can be a tricky—especially if you don’t have inspiration to lean into.

To help you assemble your next gallery wall or statement-making sculpture, design experts are sharing the top wall art trends of 2024. Take inspiration from these popular aesthetics and motifs as you refresh your own space.

Courtesy of Emily Henderson / Kaitlin Green

Digital Art

Digital art is also on the minds of many designs and homeowners alike. And as streaming services bring us the convenience of watching our most-loved shows and movies at home, having a television in several rooms has become common. But these gadgets don’t have to detract from creating a soothing, beautiful space.

Designer Emily Henderson of Style by Emily Henderson agrees, encouraging homeowners to explore art through platforms like the Samsung Art Store on The Frame TV. “You can really delve into art history and discover so much,” she says. “Imagine turning The Frame into an awesome digital canvas, showcasing your love for the classics in a cool and fresh way in your favorite room.”

Oversized Funky Mirrors

While some may not categorize mirrors as art, contemporary mirrors run the gamut from faux windows to sculptural masterpieces, so this wall decor option provides ample possibilities. “Wavy, brass, curvy, layered—all forms of oversized and funky mirrors are definitely on the rise for wall art trends of 2024,” says designer Sarah Tract of Sarah Tract Interiors.

These design staples also hold a unique pull and are easy to install. Mirrors can also bounce light around in a room, visually expand it, and even conceal an architectural flaw. Tract suggests hanging mirrors over console tables to set the stage for guests at the entrance of a home, or placing a full-length mirror in a bedroom to add a dramatic, functional touch.

Marty Baldwin


“Watercolor remains a timeless favorite in the art world, adding an enchanting touch of romance and movement to any space. Its soft, dreamy quality can instantly transform a room, infusing it with a sense of tranquility and sophistication,” Henderson says. When integrating watercolor into your decor, don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create a visual depth. “Whether it’s delicate florals, serene landscapes, or abstract motifs, each watercolor artwork tells its own unique story,” she says.

Risk-Taking Pieces

“2024 is all about making a bolder design statement,” says designer Debbie Mathews of Debbie Mathews Antiques & Designs. “With more saturated colors trending, the unexpected red theory, maximalism having a moment, and the use of wallpaper skyrocketing, how we adorn our walls is just another opportunity to take some risk as well as have some fun.”

To try this trend, take the opposite approach of your go-to design style. Love traditional design? Select abstract or contemporary art. Modern minimalist? Scout a rich, vintage oil painting in an ornate frame. Exploring art that’s an antithesis of your usual design style will push you outside of your comfort zone and add a lively, fresh element to your space, Mathews suggests. “Taking risk in the last layer of your design, such as with art, can also be easy to remedy if you tire of this look down the road,” she says.

David Tsay

Gallery Walls

For times when a single piece of statement art doesn’t feel satisfying enough, finish up a blank wall with a gallery instead. “Gallery walls have certainly gained popularity over the past few years, but are certainly not ‘trendy,’ as they date back to the late 1600s,” Mathews says. “The wealthy during that time hung enormous and lavish paintings from picture molding, making a grand statement.” And since it may take several years to collect large, substantial pieces of art, a gallery wall can provide a more budget-friendly placeholder in the interim, she explains.

To get the gallery wall look at home, create a collage of family photos, sketches, postcards, art, photography, and tapestries. To experiment with a unique arrangement, utilize various artistic mediums such as heavy oil, soft watercolors, and textured artwork. You can also refine your gallery by developing a common thread with similar frames, a repetitive color, shape, or theme. “There is definitely power and structure in repetition which I find can be pleasing to the eye,” Mathews says.

Neutral Art

Sometimes, art can be a quiet accessory that creates a beautiful backdrop on any large wall without casting all the attention. “Art that blends in with the materials of your home, whether plaster, fabric, marble, or wood, acts as more of an accent to tie your home together, rather than a large statement piece on its own,” Tract says. “I love a giant oversized neutral piece of art over a sofa or in a hallway.” 

Courtesy of Emily Henderson / Geneieve Garruppo

Graphic Cubism

“Graphic cubism is also captivating the design world with its bold yet elegant style,” says Henderson, who is primarily drawn to charcoal drawings or paintings that embrace the surreal and create a mesmerizing pattern-like effect on a wall. “What’s great about this trend is its ability to make a statement without overwhelming the space,” she says. “It adds a ton of dimension and effortlessly elevates any room.” If you decide to incorporate graphic cubism into your decor, consider mixing it with other styles to create a unique look.

Old World Masters

“Old world masters, even in studio or student art renditions, are making a big comeback in contemporary interior design,” Henderson says. “Whether it’s classic still life, serene seascapes, or majestic landscapes, there’s an undeniable soulfulness in incorporating these timeless pieces into our modern spaces,” she adds. As a history enthusiast herself, she finds these pieces add depth to any space and also help us connect to our past.

DIY Wall Art

If you’re looking for a more creative outlet, creating DIY wall art this year can be an idyllic way to top off a lackluster space. This on-trend design technique is “always fun and cost-effective, as you can create your own customized wall art,” says HGTV design expert Taniya Nayak. She suggests trying a painted wall mural, using tape to map out the exact size and pattern of your design before you begin.

Felt Designs

Moving beyond paintings and conventional art, Nayak is also seeing felt designs gain traction this year. For example, with Felt Right’s Design Studio, you can customize your vision, specifying every detail from color to pattern and sizing. These felt designs combat single-use plastic by using recycled plastic fiber to construct their felt and are designed to absorb sound reflections.

Annie Schlechter

Sculptural Art

“Another trend that never gets old is hanging various woven baskets in a cluster,” Nayak says. “It adds so much texture and movement and brings any space to life.” To fine-tune this look, she recommends mixing up the sizes and colors to make a playful design that’s full of character. Another tip? She suggests diving into patterns and motifs that speak to you, as they’ll likely complement your existing decor and design style.

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