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May 27, 2024

Innovations in Paint Industry | The Daily Star

To offer the utmost service to their customers, paint companies in Bangladesh have integrated cutting-edge features. These innovations not only guarantee a seamless and impeccable finish but also advocate sustainability, establishing a new industry benchmark. Let this article guide you through these advancements.

In the last forty years, as stated by MD. Kamrul Hasan, Executive Director at RAINBOW Paints, the paint industry has seen remarkable changes with the integration of advanced technology and eco-friendly formulations. Innovations like high-durability coating, 100% non-volatile compounds, radiation-curable coating, and powder coating technologies have played a crucial role in promoting sustainable paint products.

“The Bangladeshi paint industry is known for its resilience and adaptability. Here at Berger Paints, our strong R&D department and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to constantly innovate. For example, we’ve made all our products lead-free, introduced washable paints like Easy Clean & Luxury Silk, and developed a robust DampGuard portfolio to combat the effects of humidity. These efforts highlight the industry’s commitment to overcoming challenges and meeting the evolving needs of Bangladeshi consumers,” shared Md Mohsin Habib Chowdhury, COO & Director, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited.

“From introducing the country’s first color bank machine to establishing partnerships with globally renowned names like PPG for vehicle refinishing, Clariant for tinting systems, Fosroc for construction chemicals, and Becker Group for coil coatings, we have remained at the forefront of progress. These advancements have inspired similar initiatives among other paint and coating companies, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that thrives on knowledge sharing,” he added.

Sun Reflect Technology

Dulux offers high-quality paints featuring advanced Sun Reflect technology, capable of reducing temperatures by up to 5% compared to standard paints. This reflects their commitment to durability and customer satisfaction.

Similarly, Nerolac’s regular exterior paints provide at least a 5% reduction in temperature. Some of its premium products can even reduce temperatures by up to 12 degrees, ensuring genuine and reliable cooling benefits for customers.

Aqua Paints introduces Aqua Flex Sun Reflect, a translucent greenish water-based polyurethane paint designed specifically for external surfaces exposed to the sun. It reflects up to 85% of solar heat radiation, effectively preventing warmth build-up while allowing sunlight to pass through.

Fungal Guard Technology

Aqua Outer Shield Exterior Emulsion is specially formulated with 100% acrylic emulsion for use on exterior walls. This specially formulated color creates a durable coating on the wall, while high-quality fungicides protect the exterior walls from fungi and harsh weather. On the other hand, Aqua Defender – Premium Exterior Emulsion is based on a 100% acrylic binder and contains special fungicides to resist fungus and algae, preventing microbial growth. It is fully weatherproof and retains its original finish for more than five years if applied properly.

Nerolac Paints offers the Nerolac Fungicidal Bio-Wash Solution, a unique aqueous anti-fungal treatment specifically designed to address fungus-affected areas before painting. This solution ensures a clean, prepared surface, enhancing the longevity and appearance of the applied paint.

Dulux Paints’ Fungal Guard technology, also known as Weathershield Protect, is a high-performance premium exterior paint designed to shield your home from the damaging effects of all types of weather, especially rain. Powered by ‘Fungal Proof’ technology, it resists the formation of unsightly black spots and fungal patches. This paint performs for up to 6 years.

For dampness-related problems on terraces, Asian Paints offers a unique solution for terrace waterproofing known as Smartcare Damp Proof Fibre Tech. Moreover, this product also helps reduce surface heat by up to 10 degrees Celsius, meaning that during summer, it can significantly reduce heat, especially for apartments directly under the terrace, leading to a direct reduction in power consumption of air conditioning units.

Kansai Nerolac Perma Salt Guard

Kansai Nerolac Perma Salt Guard is an alkali-resistant primer with excellent adhesion and sealing properties. It provides a smooth and non-absorbent surface for the application of a subsequent top coat.

Aqua Salt Protection Sealer

Aqua Paints’ Salt Protection Sealer is made with special quality acrylic emulsion and inert extender. Resistant to salt, water, and alkali, it is suitable for use on both exterior and interior surfaces such as plastered walls, cement surfaces, and as a primer/sealer in concrete.


Efflorescence is another common problem in the country. Most traditionally practiced

solution requires the plaster to be broken before applying the solution – which is a highly

laborious, expensive and cumbersome process. As an effective solution to this problem, Asian

Paints has Hydroloc, which can be directly applied over the plaster which provides a Trouble-free

solution to our consumers eliminating the hassle of breaking plaster and replastering the wall.

In the last forty years the paint industry has seen remarkable changes with the integration of advanced technology and eco-friendly formulations. Innovations like high-durability coating, 100% non-volatile compounds, radiation-curable coating, and powder coating technologies have played a crucial role in promoting sustainable paint products.

Color Guard Technology

Dulux Weathershield ColourGuard boasts superior color fade resistance and incorporates heavy-duty reflective pigments. Its darker colors last up to twice as long as traditional premium exterior paints. Formulated to resist mold, dirt, and stains, it ensures vibrant colors that withstand fading from the sun’s heat with its Color Guard technology for exterior paints.

Silk Emulsion Technology

Nerolac’s Impression Ultra HD is an interior luxury silk emulsion paint. It’s an oil-based paint renowned for its superior stain resistance, imparting a radiant sheen to your walls with ultra-HD colors and a rich, smooth finish. Not only does it offer excellent washability, but it also boasts ultra-low odor.

Aqua Muslin – Ultra Premium Silk Emulsion adds a radiant luster and silky-smooth finish to walls. Formulated with a special copolymer composition, this paint is exceptionally durable, elastic, and water-resistant. The emulsion silk finish is easily washable with a mild 2% soap solution, making it ideal for interior wall painting. Its key features include a smoother finish, stain resistance, anti-fungal properties, environmental friendliness, and a lead-free composition.

Paint Apps

The renowned paint brands of the country have developed and continue to develop apps to simplify and enhance people’s lives. Previously, individuals often struggled to envision how a paint color would appear on their walls before applying it. However, with these apps, users can now effortlessly select and visualize which color best complements their walls, furniture, and decor, simplifying and improving the color selection process.

For instance, Dulux Paints has introduced Color Preview, an innovative app designed to assist customers in visualizing different paint combinations in their spaces before making a decision. When users are uncertain about how certain colors will look together, Color Preview offers a solution.

“For example, if someone wants to see how ash, brick red, and white would look in their room, our contact sales officers and local Customer Relationship Officers (CROs) will reach out to the homeowner. They will visit the home, take a photo of the room or house, and upload it to the app. Our dedicated team in India then works on these photos, creating a realistic preview of the room with the selected colors. This preview is shared with the user, allowing them to see exactly how the colors will look in their space and make a confident, informed decision,” said Anower Hosen, Executive – Trade Marketing, Dulux Paints.

Similarly, Nerolac has developed two successful apps for its painters and customers. The first app, Bijoy Painter App, is specifically designed for painters.

“With our Bijoy Painter app, painters can now easily scan QR codes provided inside our paint containers once they’ve used the paint. With the widespread use of smartphones among painters, they can now use our app to claim points, ensuring fairness and autonomy. This technological advancement is a significant support for our painters,” said Md. Nurul Karim Sifat, Head of Marketing, Kansai Nerolac Paints (Bangladesh) Limited.

In addition, Nerolac’s Nero Vision app enables users to take a picture of their wall and effortlessly visualize different colors. Users can upload a picture of their wall to the app, select from predefined shades, and apply those colors to see how they look before painting. Furthermore, the Nero Vision app includes a paint calculator, allowing users to accurately determine the amount of paint needed for their walls or rooms and estimate the associated costs.

Shayaan Seraj, Director of Aqua Paints, shared, “Incorporating virtual reality technology into our paint app would be a tremendous upgrade. This technology would allow users to put on a headset and experience their spaces in a fully immersive way, enabling them to realistically see and choose colors in their actual environment. This would significantly enhance the decision-making process.”

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