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May 28, 2024

Knotwood BIM library now available on BIMcontent.com

We are pleased to announce that the extensive, high-quality Knotwood BIM library is now available via BIMcontent.com.

Spend less time modelling and more time designing! Download the Knotwood BIM library to streamline the process of designing, documenting and visualising our vast range of cladding, battens, ceilings, internal walls and more.

Created by BIM content specialists IGS Group (IGS BIM Solutions), the Knotwood Revit Library incorporates a range of intuitive 3D models and Advanced/PBR materials to enable design creativity, and the creation of high quality documentation and visualisation outputs whilst ensuring ease of use and optimum performance in a project environment.

A ‘Virtual Showroom’ (.RVT file) is available to efficiently download and browse the whole library, or do a QA check, as it has been pre-configured to review key quality aspects such as implementation of Shaded/Realistic settings, data consistency and documentation quality.

To browse and start downloading our Revit content, please visit bimcontent.com/knotwood.

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