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June 2, 2024

to boost your home’s curb appeal |

We pay a lot of attention to the colors going on inside our home, but we would like to argue that the most important color choice, is the one you make for your front door. Everyone sees it. You, your guests, passers-by, the mail-person. It’s the first judgment people can make about your home and what lies behind that door. So there’s pressure to get it right.

Now with that pressure to ensure your home makes the best first impression comes a tendency to play it safe with your front door color. And while ‘safe’ or ‘popular’ colors always look fabulous, designers and color experts will argue that your front door is the perfect place to experiment too. So we asked the professionals, for colors that they love to use and always recommend for a front door.

The best front door colors to try in 2024

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