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June 9, 2024

3D printing brings innovation to building construction

Samsung C&T Construction Division is applying 3D printing technology to construction sites, such as creating faux landscape walls through 3D printing technology at the housing redevelopment site in Yongdu District 6, which is currently under construction.

In addition, in April this year, Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group signed a business agreement to jointly develop technology for a robotic arm-based 3D printer and to use it to build non-load-bearing walls.

This R&D plan is to develop core technologies for the future smart construction industry, with the goal of solving problems such as safety issues and securing labor at construction sites, reducing costs, improving productivity, realizing ESG management targets, and constructing non-load-bearing walls.

Through this agreement, Samsung C&T will continue to innovate and progress 3D printer equipment technology, construction technology, and materials technology. In addition, Samsung C&T plans to use the technological outcomes not only in the existing 3D architecture and landscaping fields, but also in various civil engineering fields, and gradually expand the distribution and application of 3D printers for construction.

Samsung C&T E&C Group aims to create an ecosystem that can utilize 3D printing throughout construction and preemptively secure source technologies to enhance technological competitiveness and reduce safety and quality risks.

The field of 3D printing construction is still nascent, but considering the interest and technological growth so far, the future changes in constructing buildings with printers are highly anticipated.

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