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June 16, 2024

Tour Oscar Ibirapuera and its residential vision

Perkins&Will has launched Oscar Ibirapuera, a new residential offering in São Paulo, located a stone’s throw from Niemeyer’s landmark namesake park project. The housing scheme, comprising a complex of high rises and a ground level designed for greenery, communal areas and social activity, takes the grand master’s modernist architecture teachings and gives them a 21st-century twist, offering a fresh vision of living in the Brazilian metropolis. 

(Image credit: Leonardo Finotti)

Perkins&Will on Niemeyer’s Oscar Ibirapuera

Completed in 1954, the Ibirapuera Park by Oscar Niemeyer is a well-known part of the Brazilian modernist’s legacy. Perkins&Will was appointed to create Oscar Ibirapuera, placed on the green expanse’s borders, blending its verdant nature with a high-end living proposition. 

Oscar Ibirapuera_Perkins&Will

(Image credit: Leonardo Finotti)

Commissioned by property developer Trisul, the project includes apartments spanning 186 sq m, 227 sq m and 233 sq m, featuring three or four bedrooms and up to four en suites.

close up view of ground exterior at Oscar Ibirapuera_refreshed by Perkins&Will

(Image credit: Leonardo Finotti)

‘The floor plan was conceived so that the living room could [include] 9m at its front completely devoid of pillars, providing a panoramic view of Ibirapuera, something unique in the city,’ says Douglas Tolaine, design director at Perkins&Will.

exterior ground floor of Oscar Ibirapuera_refreshed by Perkins&Will

(Image credit: Leonardo Finotti)

Communal areas – all expertly designed by architect Fernanda Marques – are equally well thought out, ranging from a luxuriously double-height gourmet party room, outdoor and indoor pools, a solarium, dry and wet saunas, a spa, a fitness room, a pilates room, a playground, a playroom, a game room and a bike rack.

towers at Oscar Ibirapuera_refreshed by Perkins&Will

(Image credit: Leonardo Finotti)

Features throughout Oscar Ibirapuera draw on Brazilian midcentury modernism styles – movable brises-soleils on the façades, timber panels, white-coloured render and soft, curved forms, all gently nod to Niemeyer’s work. 

Oscar Ibirapuera_refreshed by Perkins&Will foundations steel cross beams

(Image credit: Leonardo Finotti)


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