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June 29, 2024

Designer Groove interior panels by ForestOne

ForestOne’s Designer Groove brand comprises highly durable all-purpose interior panels made with moisture-resistant MDF to ensure their suitability for wet- and dry-area applications.

Designer Groove panels by ForestOne are a durable, innovative and versatile decorative solution fit for a wide range of wet and dry applications.

These all-purpose interior panels are appropriate for lining the walls and ceilings of living, kitchen, dining, sleeping, bath, and laundry areas, including above dado rails.

They can replace plasterboard or cover previous finishes by being applied either directly to a new frame or over an existing wall.

Highly impact resistant, Designer Groove panels can be specified for commercial projects such as foyers, classrooms, offices, rentals, shops, hospitality venues, and aged care facilities.

ForestOne’s Designer Groove panels feature a smooth UV paint primer that makes their surfaces consistent and ready for repainting.

Two panel profiles are available: V-Joint and Regency. V-Joint features 7 mm grooves with spaced patterns of 100 mm (VJ100) or 150 mm (VJ150), while Regency has 14 mm grooves and 150 mm (Regency150) spaced patterns.

Because Designer Groove panels are made with MDI polyurethane resin (which does not contain formaldehyde of any type), chronic exposure to moisture will not cause them to break down.

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