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June 30, 2024

Architecture & Design Magazine Out This Sunday

We’re excited to showcase a stunning villa in Żebbug on the cover of the upcoming issue of Architecture and Design magazine. Designed by the talented Martina Fenech Adami from Studio Niche, this home beautifully combines traditional Maltese architecture with vibrant contemporary flair. We speak to Fenech Adami about her design philosophy. “It’s crucial to consider the environmental impact of our designs,” she explains. “Thoughtful choices regarding scale, materials, and the fundamental needs of the space should drive every decision.” Her approach emphasises sustainability and responsibility in modern architecture.

She voices her concerns about the industry. “While we are evolving, the field has become overrun with opportunists who sacrifice quality for quick profit,” she notes. This trend has led to subpar developments that neglect Malta’s rich architectural heritage. However, she remains optimistic, praising professionals committed to preserving and enhancing Maltese architecture.

In this issue, we celebrate designers like Martina Fenech Adami, who champion integrity, sustainability, and beauty in their work. Their dedication ensures that Malta’s architectural legacy is not only preserved but also enriched for future generations. 

Don’t miss out on this edition of Architecture & Design magazine, offering fresh perspectives on Malta’s architectural past, present, and future.

Grab your copy this Sunday!

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