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July 3, 2024

Gendo secures $1.1M for Generative AI for Architects

generative AI platform for architects, has raised $1.1M and emerged from stealth. Gendo’s proprietary platform turns architectural designs into visualisations, as well as add and edit details from scratch based on text prompts.

These visualisations are a critical component of the architecture process, often being used to help win competitive bids and move projects through the concept to construction phases. Currently, rendering beautiful visualisations and the details that populate them can take architects weeks and incur huge costs.

The technology is founded by architectural designer and visualiser George Proudand software engineer Will Jones. Gendo can take 2D drawings, sketches or text prompts and turn them into intricate, realistic visualisations. Each prompt generates a range of options for users to choose from and, unlike mainstream generative image platforms, the visualisations generated on Gendo can be edited. Sections can be masked and tweaked, as well as specific details such as colours, lighting or structural features added or taken away.

A range of features built specifically to cater to the needs of architects and designers can also be leveraged to get the details of each visualisation exactly right. For example, architects and designers will also soon be able to add details such as era-specific furniture, people in culturally appropriate clothing, and even topographically correct trees, at the click of a button. This makes Gendo a design tool that can be used with absolute control and specificity throughout the design process.

This pre-seed investment will be used to expand the capabilities of Gendo’s proprietary AI tools, accelerate the launch of new features for architects and designers, and scale Gendo’s London-based team. After a successful beta launch with a range of leading names from the architectural industry, the platform is now live in early access.

George Proud, CEO & co-founder at Gendo, commented:

“Mainstream generative image platforms can be really impressive, but they simply aren’t fit for purpose when it comes to a sector like architecture and design. In our industry, detail and precision is everything. Gendo has been designed specifically for these professionals; we’ve built an AI platform that speeds up design work and allows creativity to flourish.

“We’re eliminating the burdensome processes currently involved in visualisations and instead making it an efficient, instinctive and empowering experience. Gone is the era of waiting days to receive one small image of a tree to add to your design. We’re thrilled with how well the platform has been received amongst leading architecture firms during our beta and we’re looking forward to partnering with industry further to enhance the value of Gendo’s tools.”

Oliver Kicks, Partner at Concept Ventures, added:

“Concept Ventures are delighted to have led Gendo’s pre-seed round last year. We strongly believe that the products built by (and for) domain experts in a post-AI era can truly transform workplace productivity and deliver order-of-magnitude improvements to their daily workflows. We can’t wait to see what this great team builds next.”

Franquibel Lima, Former Global Head of Design Studios at WeWork, shared:

“Gendo is powering intelligent design iteration with unparalleled focus on intuitive user interface. The controllability and quality of output straight from 2D images is outstanding.”

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