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July 5, 2024

Can a house have a sense of humour?

A true original with singular provenance, Kuderna House emphasises form, function, and, most importantly, fun. The two-bedroom, three-bath Hollywood home has been meticulously restored to showcase its playful attributes and sculptural quality. It is currently being sold, along with its one-bedroom guesthouse, for $3,995,000.

Designed by Craig Ellwood in 1956, Kuderna House sits on a quarter-acre lot within a gated enclave in the Hollywood Hills with views over the city. Ellwood was untrained as an architect, but he understood good design and studied heroes like Mies van der Rohe.

Working with support from the experienced architect James Tyler, he took a less formal approach to this site, playing with horizontal volumes and adding splashes of vibrant yellow to exterior features. Banks of glazing maximise views and exposure to natural light without sacrificing private moments. An elevated lap pool echoes the architectural silhouettes.

Inside, Kuderna’s floor plan is sleek and low-key, with hand-poured Terrazzo floors and walls of warm walnut. Ceilings are high to incorporate potted trees and large-scale artworks and the refurbished glass doors work efficiently with the flow and the weather. The self-contained guesthouse, perched atop the LA property and accessed by a striking spiral staircase, has the best view in the house.

Elizabeth Donovan of Coldwell Banker Realty holds the listing.

Photography: Gavin Cater

Photography: Gavin Cater

Photography: Gavin Cater

Photography: Gavin Cater

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