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July 7, 2024

the centre of innovation in architectural glass design

The new GlassLab in our faculty will be the centre of innovation in architectural glass design and construction at TU Delft. In this lab, research will be conducted on glass products and structures that will transform the built environment. 

With a new microscope and waterjet cutting machine, prototypes will be made and tested. This can then be scaled up and applied. The GlassLab is part of TU Delft Glass group, a close collaboration with our faculty and the faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Engineering & Technical Materials Science and Civil Engineering and Geosciences. 

James O’Callaghan and his groundbreaking research on Architectural Glass

Professor James O’Callaghan believes in the future of building with glass and is trying to push the boundaries of this material. Glass as a structural material is more popular than ever, but it presents challenges to architects, engineers and manufacturers in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings. 
Within our faculty, the Glass group research team is led by O’Callaghan. He is a pioneer in the field of Architectural Glass and is among the absolute world leaders in his field. His work has enabled innovations that are used everywhere today. He is known for his designs of glass staircases, bridges and other architectural elements in iconic Apple Stores around the world, for example. The recently completed Mirage artwork in Apple Park was also created in part with his expertise and TU Delft’s Glass group. 

TU Delft Glass Group

The TU Delft research group is a multidisciplinary teaching and research group with expertise in structural mechanics, structural materials and structural design. Glass is a fascinating and ubiquitous material in architecture and in other sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics etc. As a material it has a unique impact on aesthetic appeal, safety, well-being and (embodied and operational) energy. The Glass group pushes the boundaries of glass’s material, performance, form, energy and aesthetics. This includes developing new designs and manufacturing methods for new glass structures and finding efficient solutions for existing glass structures.

TU Delft Excellence Fund

A contribution from the TU Delft Excellence Fund has funded the GlassLab in the faculty. This fund aims to accelerate TU Delft’s excellence strategy by supporting the recruitment of top scientists, including James O’Callaghan. Recently, in the presence of Excellence Fund donors, the GlasLab was officially opened in the presence of James, our dean and other invited guests. You’ll find the Glass Lab near the form study hall, next to the restaurant.

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