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April 1, 2024

17 Tropical Houses From the AD Archive That Ooze Serenity

From vacation retreats to full-time homes, these tropical houses provide an equal balance of lavishness and relaxation. Infinity pools, island views, and exotic locations differentiate these as properties, which boast extraordinary feats of opulent architecture and design in tropical climates. From the island of Lamu—off the coast of Kenya—to a sun-exposed retreat in Bali, these stunning tropical houses will outlast the sands of time in relaxation inspiration. Views of Isla Taboga from the outside dining area of designer Diane Burn’s Panama residence, the bungalow and Mediterranean elements of an Ike Kligerman Barkley–designed Maui house, the US Virgin Islands getaway of designers Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper, and many more AD-featured homes provide a taste of sumptuous warm weather living. Read on for 17 inspiring pads across the globe.

AD, March 2016

Photo: William Waldron

A Caribbean complex

Palm trees, sparkling waters, and sandy beaches are just some of the perks of living in a tropical location in Central or South America. Mark Anthony’s Dominican Republic villa, seen in AD’s March 2016 issue, was renovated with architecture firm DM Dominicana. The property encompasses a 10,000-square-foot main residence, a variety of pavilions, guest bungalows, and cabanas, two swimming pools, and a spectacular array of outdoor entertainment and lounging areas, including a man-made beach—all linked by meandering, densely landscaped pathways. Around the sand-bottom pool are palapa-style guest villas constructed of American pine and topped with cane roofs supported by concrete columns.

Image may contain Outdoors Nature Building Countryside Hut Rural and Shack

AD, August 2010

Photo: Tim Street-Porter

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