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April 13, 2024

Dutch Boy Paints Introduces Exclusive Line For Menards

Dutch Boy Paints announces the launch of a brand-new line of Barn & Fence paint and Aluminum paint, exclusively available at Menards. This expansion to Dutch Boy Paints’ portfolio represents a new opportunity to reach consumers looking for durable protection and optimal performance for even more outdoor surfaces.

The new Barn & Fence paint provides durability and resistance against the elements and is available in latex, water-based alkyd and aluminum formulas, making it ideal for specific projects completed by both DIYers and professional contractors.

Both the latex and water-based alkyd options are designed for a variety of exterior surfaces including barns, fences, silos, and more. They are also self-priming, fade-resistant, and offer a mold- and mildew-resistant finish, ensuring longevity and an aesthetic appeal. Cleanup is simple with just soap and water.

The latex product is available in a flat sheen, and ready-to-use classic red, white and black shades, while the water-based alkyd is offered in a semi-gloss finish, and ready-to-use classic red and white colors.

“We are excited to expand Dutch Boy Paints’ product offering with our new Barn & Fence, and Aluminum paints,” said Julie Fisher, product manager, Dutch Boy Paints. “As a brand dedicated to providing simple solutions to both DIYers and professional contractors, this category expansion reaffirms our commitment to empowering our customers with quality products that deliver results and ensure that every project is met with ease and excellence.”

Dutch Boy Paints is also introducing Aluminum paint, a solution engineered to meet consumer needs with excellent adhesion. This formula meets VOC compliance standards in all areas where Menards retailers are located and is specially created for use on properly prepared and primed outdoor surfaces, including sheds, tanks, out-buildings, metal equipment and more. It offers heat resistance up to 400°F, self-priming capabilities, and resistance to fading. Available in a sleek aluminum hue, with a semi-gloss sheen, this product meets the demands of both residential and commercial applications.

“By expanding our product offerings to include these new, ready-to-use exterior Barn & Fence, and Aluminum paints, we are equipping our customers with even more simple solutions to bring their outdoor projects to life,” said Michelle Bangs, senior brand manager, Dutch Boy Paints. 

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