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April 14, 2024

Pulling the room together in 2024: Taylor Morrison’s trending interior designs | Business

The word of the day when it comes to interior design in 2024 is “self-expression.” That’s why homebuilding company Taylor Morrison has compiled a list of design trends and interior aesthetics based on input from their design and architectural experts. The “Express Yourself: Home” movement has gained traction with millennial and Gen Z homeowners through social media hashtags and viral videos showing off personalized spaces.

These home decorating trends reflect a growing interest in matching the physical interior of a home with the personality and aesthetic preferences of the homeowner. That’s why when building your home, companies like Taylor Morrison’s selected designs can range from whimsical to Gothic to serene, with a specific mood or vision as the endgame for your home. Some of their top designs are making their way into homes nationwide.

Taylor Morrison’s Trending Interior Designs in 2024 Dopamine Design

For DIY home decorators with a whimsical creative side, the Dopamine style encourages self-expression and individuality through unconventional furniture groupings, bold colors, and eclectic decor. The only rule with the Dopamine approach is there are no rules: whole-house coordination is optional. This makes it easy to have a coherent vibe throughout your home, from the kids’ rooms to the funky living room.

Dark Academia

Hearkening back to the days of dark and moody libraries and studies, the Dark Academia design aesthetic combines the ambiance of traditional academia with a Gothic influence. The hues and tones may be darker but still inviting for those seeking a quiet space for reading or listening to music, and they are especially great for an office or study. Dark Academia also employs rich wood paneling, intricate plasterwork, and classic artwork to complete the theme. Add some grandiose bookcases, and the space will transform into the dark library of your dreams.

Quiet Luxury

The Quiet Luxury design aesthetic closely resembles the recent quiet luxury trend in fashion. Understated elegance in the form of monochromatic and muted colors is the most noticeable feature of this theme. Rich fabrics add texture and refinement but are minimalist and neutral in tone. Accent pieces and creative lighting create a controlled amount of contrast but still contribute to a tranquil atmosphere throughout your home.

Coastal Grandma

In contrast to the Dark Academia aesthetic, the Coastal Grandma design embraces a bright and energizing beachfront style, emphasizing surf and sand hues, such as seafoam green, pale blue, and sandy beige. The furnishings and accent pieces also reflect casual coastal living, employing natural wood, rattan, driftwood, and linen. Floral and botanical prints and installations provide contrast to this design and can add some additional pops of color to each room.

Southwestern Style

The final interior design aesthetic on Taylor Morrison’s shortlist for 2024 is a Southwestern style. Designed to reflect the American West, furnishing is rustic or distressed, emphasizing natural materials. The color palette incorporates warm, earthy tones, and the theme is fully realized by adding desert-related decor and live succulents.

As younger generations near their home-buying years, we’re seeking new and creative ways to reach them and begin building brand affinity early on,” says Stephanie McCarty, Taylor Morrison’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. “Our home aesthetics showcase how to achieve an attainable version of these very stylized homes you’re seeing on social media using products and design services Taylor Morrison already offers.”

Don’t Forget the Paint in 2024 Taylor Morrison’s Color Collection for 2024

Sherwin-Williams has selected Upward (SW 6239) as its 2024 Color of the Year. Therefore, Taylor Morrison has created a complementary palette of other Sherman-Williams paint colors to create a trendy interior space. Upward’s greyish-blue tone meshes well with colors like Pewter Cast (SW 7673), Extra White (SW 7006), Garden Spot (SW 6432), and Gale Force (SW 7605).

“We know homeowners are intrigued by using color in unique ways in their home,” explains Lee Crowder, the Taylor Morrison National Director of Design and Model Experience. “Use Upward for your kitchen cabinets, paint a stair riser Gale Force, use Garden Spot to give new life to a beautiful piece of furniture, or think outside the box by painting your interior doors Pewter Cast. To add balance, consider adding a contrasting and non-traditional light neutral like Extra White.”

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

One home decor trend gaining momentum in 2024 is bringing elements of the outside indoors, and not just through accent pieces or prints. The entire space should suggest a connection to natural elements such as grass, trees, sand, or water.

“Consider neutral stains that show the character of wood cabinets or flooring, tiles that emulate texture and depth of natural materials, and rich hues of green, blue, black, and brown that create a soothing and earthy atmosphere,” adds Crowder. “If you want to add a touch of biophilia without the worry of watering or pruning, opt for a green backsplash to brighten up your kitchen.”

Taking the Edge Off

While straight lines and defined borders have recently dominated the interior decorating world, an Art Deco-inspired aesthetic is also returning in 2024. Scalloped edges, curved lines, and rounded furnishings are starting to trend again, especially among younger generations.

“You can go all in with this trend by opting for fluid and upholstered impact pieces or add just a touch of 1970s flair by adding an arched mirror or switching out square hardware for ring cabinet pulls,” shares Crowder.

A New Look at Classic Subway Tile

The classic subway tile has been used in urban transportation systems since 1904, primarily because of its durability and ease of maintenance. The incorporation of subway tile into private homes continues, and home interior design experts suggest homeowners visit local home improvement stores to view the latest innovations.

“We’re seeing yet another evolution of this classic tile with the rise in popularity of one-inch-by-six-inch tiles,” shares Crowder. “This new size is mounted on a mesh backing, which ensures easier installation and allows for the glazed and imperfect nature of tile to be accentuated by the slimmer size.”

No matter what style you choose for your home, 2024 is the year to embrace your own design choices and make your space truly yours.

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