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April 15, 2024

Meet Kada: Sponsor of the Interior Awards 2024

This year marks Kada’s 13th year of partnership with the Interior Awards, having come on board from the start as a founding sponsor. We talk to Kada’s Digital Marketing Lead, Arabella Nelson, about a new ‘smart’ office furniture range, and how the Interior Awards inspires the team at Kada every year.

Tell us about any recent innovations in your business that you would like interior designers and architects to know about.

Arabella Nelson (AN): We’re excited to introduce the new wave of Framery acoustic smart pods, representing a leading-edge advancement in workspace solutions. These innovative pods not only revolutionise the way we work but also align with our commitment to sustainability. With a focus on reducing environmental impact, the Steelcase Series 1 Carbon Neutral task chair also epitomises our unwavering dedication to eco-conscious practices, setting a remarkable precedent as the first carbon-neutral product available at Kada.

What do you most enjoy about being involved with the Interior Awards?

AN: This year, we proudly celebrate our 13th year of collaboration with the Interior Awards. As one of the founding sponsors, we’ve been with the programme since its inception, and we’re delighted to continue our support. Being involved with this organisation allows us to immerse ourselves in the cutting-edge architecture and interior design showcased within the vibrant New Zealand community. Witnessing the remarkable talent and innovation from industry professionals never fails to inspire us.

What are you looking forward to this year?

AN: We eagerly anticipate the introduction of the new Framery smart pods that will be available and set to grace our showrooms later this year. Leaving traditional office meeting rooms and earlier soundproof pods behind, Framery’s innovative new pods deliver greater user benefits, better engineering, sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices, and new advanced features and functionalities that support modern work.

Furthermore, we’re looking forward to the unveiling of designs and trends that will shape the New Zealand industry in 2024. We have immense gratitude for the invaluable relationships we’ve forged within the industry, and eagerly anticipate collaborating on new projects with our clients and the designs they entail.

Learn more at interiorawards.co.nz.

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