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April 18, 2024

BASF publishes “Automotive Color Trends”

Each year, designers for BASF’s Coatings division create a new collection of colours to inspire automotive designers around the globe. Among other things, colours that are atypical for the automotive sector are becoming increasingly relevant and are causing various changes in colour diversity.

The “On Volude” collection from “Automotive Color Trends” by BASF for 2023-2024.
Image source: BASF.

According to BASF, artificial intelligence played an important role in the creation of the colour collection called “On Volude”. The palette for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) puts a highlight on bright beige colors. Pastels also play an important role, introducing interesting non-automotive colour positions into automotive design. For Asia Pacific (APAC), the designers explored and enriched the important colour spaces for whites and grays, while adventurous new colour spaces like shimmering green pastel and fluorescent red offer new expressions to meet the growing individuality of car buyers in APAC.

“Grounded colour spaces”

As BASF points out, the Americas palette seeks “optimism and divergence”. “In this year’s collection, red leaning pastels and mid-tones are replaced by restorative yellow and green effects suggesting renewal,” said Liz Hoffman, head of Automotive Color Design for the Americas. “The connection complements both grounded colour spaces and otherworldly escapes. It shows evolving mindsets in automotive design.”

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