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April 20, 2024

World of Concrete Returns to Celebrate 50th Anniversary Milestone : CEG

World of Concrete will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Jan. 23-25, with education on Jan. 22-25, 2024. (Informa photo)

The 50th Anniversary of World of Concrete (WOC), the first and largest exhibition serving the global commercial concrete construction and masonry industries, announced open registration for three days of world-class education, community-focused events and exclusive access to market-leading suppliers

Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Jan. 23-25, with education on Jan. 22-25, 2024, the annual event focuses on new developments in efficiency, safety and sustainability across all concrete and masonry verticals.

The half-centennial edition of World of Concrete will recognize and commemorate the longstanding brands and dedicated individuals who have contributed to the successes of the industry over the past 50 years, while continuing to inspire engagement and community connection.

More than 1,300 companies from 34 countries converge at World of Concrete to unveil cutting-edge tools, machinery and materials at the top of the year’s buying cycle, setting future trends and creating solutions through innovation.

Exhibitors in a multitude of categories from material handling, work trucks and technology to materials like Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), cement and coatings, span a whopping 700,000 sq. ft. of outdoor and indoor exhibit space, solidifying World of Concrete as the largest and most wide-ranging event of its kind.

WOC prioritizes learning, keeping education at the forefront of the experience through unparalleled opportunities to better support real-world scenarios with hands-on training. WOC serves as the hub to discuss emerging trends with sessions highlighting compliance, safety, commercial and industrial repair as well as best business practices and project management.

More than 50 new subjects will be introduced to the 2024 educational agenda in celebration of the 50th anniversary, addressing transformative project-specific techniques, such as the implementation of new materials and tools like 3D printing.

In addition to professionally led sessions, World of Concrete focuses on building technical aptitude through expanded certification seminars, interactive workshops and accredited courses. Training will include concrete repair, wall forming and reinforcement, robotics, concrete paving and much more.

“World of Concrete is undoubtedly one of the most important gatherings for professionals in the concrete and masonry industries, serving as a nexus for fostering growth, facilitating connections and cultivating excellence in the market,” said Jackie James, vice president of World of Concrete.

“The wealth of knowledge shared here, and the education courses provided, equips concrete and masonry professionals with the most insight to upcoming trends that are not accessible anywhere else. They come to WOC to see the advancements in technology that are continuously evolving the practice of construction.”

Also returning this year, World of Concrete’s Innovative Product Awards will recognize the newest breakthrough products that are increasing efficiency in the concrete industry. First launched in 2023, the awards honor cutting-edge equipment, materials and tools. The People’s Choice Award, selected online based on industry votes, as well as the Experts’ Choice Award, selected by World of Concrete editors and industry experts, features nine product categories including Business & Technology Software & Services; Concrete Construction Materials; Concrete Production & Delivery; Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Concrete; General Construction Tools & Equipment; Masonry Construction Materials; Precast & Block Production; Repair & Demolition Materials, Tools & Equipment; Slab Tools, Equipment & Materials.

Past winners include Command Alkon for Inventory & Replenishment; SpaceCrete for 3D-Admix; Wicktek Inc. for DensiCrete and Alchemo for BridgeDECK Waterproofing Agent. Introductions of new products to the industry enhancing safety, efficiency and lowering costs are key proponents to concrete industry growth, expected to reach USD $972.04 billion by 2030.

Exhibitors at World of Concrete 2024 include Stihl, WernerCo, Caterpillar, Putzmeister, Husqvarna Construction, Milwaukee Tool, Bosch and Dewalt, Sika, Quikrete and Sakrete/Amerimix. Masonry companies in attendance include EZG Manufacturing, Premier Scaffold Solutions, Layher Inc. and At-Pac. Robotics and technology providers include HP SitePrint, Sysdyne, Command Alkon and Winsun 3D Printing.

Registration for the 50th Anniversary Edition of World of Concrete is now open at www.worldofconcrete.com.

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