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April 21, 2024

5 Paint Trends Designers Are Loving This Season

When it comes to designing a home, color can be magical, and there is no better way to infuse color into your home than with a fresh coat of paint. Whether your aesthetic is moody and dark, chic and neutral, or bold and bright—paint can make a major difference in any room.

2024 is an interesting year for paint color trends. While several trends from previous seasons continue to remain popular, people are choosing to let paint take center stage in a new way. So, say goodbye to neutral white and hello to big and bold ideas. Here are five paint trends interior designers are loving this season. 

Color Drenching

Color drenching has become popular in recent years and this trend is likely to stay strong for a while. “Color drenching is a process that involves painting every surface—walls, ceiling, baseboards, trim, and doors. It creates an immersive experience that has a wow factor all on its own,” says interior designer Audrey Scheck. 

Keep in mind that color drenching is a power move in terms of design. It’s a big commitment, so be sure that you really love the color you choose before bringing out that roller. Once the entire room is painted, it can be exhausting to change your mind. 

Contrasting Trim

Contrasting trim is one of the best ways to use paint. It can give a room a true designer’s touch without the hefty price tag. “This season, we expect to see a gravitation toward contrasting paint colors within the same room,” says Scheck. “To achieve this, try painting your walls one shade then contrasting the trim (baseboards, crown molding, window sills, or doors) with a color that complements the walls.”

Contrasting trim is also a great way to use a bold color you might not be comfortable using on the whole wall like black, hunter green, or even a rich shade of eggplant. 

Earth Tones 

While you can never really go wrong with shades of white, Scheck has noticed an inclination towards earth tones as the new neutrals. “While all-white walls will remain a classic, there is a shift happening. Designers and homeowners are gravitating toward warmer hues and more color variation in an effort to infuse character into their environment. In particular, we’re seeing an upward trend in an earth-toned color palette of muddy green, burgundy, creamy whites, and shades of brown.”

So don’t be afraid to mix up your wall colors and create a warm, cozy space with paint.

Moody Colors

Erin Loscialpo and Meredith Gough of Darby Wallis Design are absolutely on board with moody hues this season. “There is a nod to history and tradition going on. People are craving connection, which through design looks like darker, moodier color palettes to bring in more character to spaces.”

They suggest thinking outside the box. “We are gravitating towards a mix of old and new to give your home that cozy feel.”

If your home contains mostly lighter colors, consider going dark in a low-risk space such as a powder room or even a guest bedroom. A coat or two of dark paint can also up a room’s cozy factor. 

Roman Clay Paint

Scheck tells me she’s been seeing a major resurgence of Roman clay, which is an eco-friendly, plaster-like paint. “The end result is a luxe suede-like finish that works in both traditional and contemporary environments.” 

Roman clay is a fantastic choice in rooms where you might want to add a little bit of texture and depth such as living rooms or even hallways. It can also look beautiful behind a gallery wall. 

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