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April 21, 2024

Asian Paints Berger launches ‘Royale Play Artistica,’ a highly artistic decorative wall finishing designed for the Arab market

Asian Paints Berger, a subsidiary of Asian Paints Limited, has launched its latest and innovative decorative wall finishing product inspired by Arabesque motifs and specially curated for the region to bring back the glorious look and feel of the region’s design heritage.

The all-new ‘Royale Play Artistica’ was launched at INDEX 2023 held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, where Asian Paints Berger showcased its diverse range of decorative coating products at its dedicated pavilion.

Announcing the new product, of Asian Paints Berger, Joseph Eapen, Associate Vice President, Middle East and Africa, said: “Our new Royale Play Artistica is a tribute to the Arab world, and deeply inspired by regional motifs. Designed for the new generation of designers and architects who seek the retro feel and are pushing their boundaries with innovative approaches to design aesthetics, the new line speaks a language of its own. With our strong presence in the region, we see our innovative decorative wall finishing as a game changer that will bring exceptional value for customers who seek the elegant Arabesque finish to their homes and commercial projects.”

He added: “The range is also environment friendly, and its launch coincides with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, when the nation is also hosting COP28. In addition, the product offers exceptional characteristics such as high water vapour permeability, higher water repellence, higher durability even in harsh weather and anti-mould properties”

Royale Play Artistic is available in three ranges – Rust, Clay and Concrete – each with sub-offerings. For example, Royale Play Artistica Rust and Stardust and Copper Breeze are an ode to the region and inspired by motifs across time. Costing less than real metal, the application of this decorative paint products a real oxidative effect exactly like the effect of an iron surface exposed to atmospheric agents’ natural corrosion.

Royale Play Artistica Clay Mandala and Clay Arabesque help achieve the Arabesque feel with the Clay Mandala formulated on the specific properties of hydrate lime, pure clay, selected marbles and natural sands. It ensures top quality finishes with a crinkled effect. Royale Play Artistica Distressed Concrete, Metallica Concrete and Exposed Concrete also offers unique finishings.

Asian Paints Berger Shines Spotlight on Sustainable Concrete at INDEX Exhibition

Asian Paints Berger hosted a panel discussion titled “Sustainable Concrete: Innovations and Best Practices” at INDEX. The aim of the event was to shed light on the latest advancements and effective methods for promoting environmentally friendly concrete construction.

Moderated by Mr. Dennis Jacob of Asian Paints Berger, the panel comprised industry experts: Mr. John Sajeev, Head of QC-Alec; Mr. Laith Haboubi, Vice President of Victor Corrosion Group; Dr. Rami Hawileh, Professor of Civil Engineering at the American University of Sharjah; and Mr. Naheed Younis, an experienced civil engineer and a seasoned professional in the construction chemical industry at Asian Paints Berger.

Concrete is the second most widely used construction material globally, just behind water. As sustainability involves meeting present needs while safeguarding the ability of future generations to meet their own, sustainable concrete construction practices play a pivotal role in addressing global environmental concerns.

One key component in concrete production is cement, which has a significant environmental impact. Manufacturing one ton of cement leads to the production of nearly one ton of greenhouse gas (GHG), contributing to approximately 6-8% of the total carbon footprint worldwide. The carbon footprint of concrete can be reduced through the adoption of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) such as fly ash, slag cement, and silica fume, as well as utilizing higher-strength concrete, alternative fuels, and grinding aids throughout the cement manufacturing process.

The panelists discussed the challenges faced in implementing sustainable concrete practices in the UAE and explored potential solutions. They also shared successful case studies from the country, showcasing concrete projects that effectively reduced carbon footprints, backed by factual evidence.

The discussion also focused on the emergence of innovative solutions and products within the sustainable concrete industry, and the noteworthy advancements that contribute to eco-friendly concrete practices. By addressing these critical subjects, the panelists aimed to strengthen the foundation for a greener and more environmentally conscious construction industry.

Asian Paints Berger has announced its ambitious growth plans in the region on the back of an AED244 million investment in a white cement manufacturing plant in Fujairah.

Operating in 15 countries and serving consumers across 60+ countries, Asian Paints Limited is the world’s seventh largest coating company and third largest paint company in Asia. With a turnover of USD 4.2 billion in 2023, the company is fast expanding in the region by building strong partnerships through such industry events.

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