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April 21, 2024

scalloped facade forms JEMS architekci’s perfumiarnia apartments

warsaw-based architects learn from Poznań


The Perfumiarnia Estate, a new residential development in Poznań, Poland, stands out for its blend of contemporary architecture and respect for the city’s rich history. Designed by Warsaw-based JEMS Architekci, the estate offers luxury living spaces hidden amidst an historic park and traditional tenement houses. The name ‘Perfumiarnia,’ Polish for ‘Perfumery, pays homage to the former perfume factory that once occupied the site. The architecture itself reflects an appreciation for the surrounding area — the curving geometry of the buildings, with their subtle facade ledges, echoes the style of the exclusive Johow district situated across the Wilson Park. This district, known for its turn-of-the-century tenement houses inspired by Berlin Secession, traditionally featured grand facades overlooking with modest courtyards.

image © Juliusz Sokołowski | banner © Maria Kot



jEMS Architekci nods to the past & dialogues with nature


The architects at JEMS Architekci took inspiration from this duality when designing the Perfumiarnia Estate. The facade’s vertical arrangement acts as a bridge between the park and the neighboring historic buildings. The sharp lines on the side facing the existing structures soften into expressive terraces adorned with metal net blinds that resemble tree curtains, seamlessly integrating the estate into the park’s landscape.


The nearby ancient trees bestow a special aura to the place,’ says architect Marcin Sadowski.Modern tenement houses have become an extension of the city garden.’ The estate’s ‘wavy’ facade, with its scalloped rhythm, appears to flow into the park vegetation. This interplay between architecture and nature is further emphasized by the openwork shutters, which act as a neutral backdrop for the park’s greenery, while also offering residents privacy.

perfumiarnia JEMS Architekci
Perfumiarnia in Poznań is shaped by a wavy facade | image © Juliusz Sokołowski



Perfumiarnia homes shaded by steel netting


Together with its curving facade, JEMS Architekci’s Perfumiarnia Estate is recognized by its semi-transparent steel-net blinds. This unique feature, designed by the architects themselves, exemplifies an innovative material solution to shading the complex structure. Inside the buildings, residents are greeted by common areas finished with wooden paneling and Italian stone, and featuring handcrafted stair railings. The complex offers 140 spacious and bright apartments, ranging from 46 to 153 square meters.

perfumiarnia JEMS Architekci
the architecture reflects the nearby Johow district with its free-flowing geometry | image © Juliusz Sokołowski perfumiarnia JEMS Architekci
the vertical facade transitions between the park and the historic tenement houses | image © Tomek Napierlaski scalloped facade shapes poland's perfumiarnia apartments by JEMS architekci
the architects aimed to create a sense of buildings growing into the park vegetation | image © Tomek Napierlaski

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