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April 23, 2024

Best Sage Green Paint Colors

Sage green is a muted gray-green color named after the popular culinary herb. However, its acclaim goes far beyond the kitchen—lately, it’s been even more popular in interior design. According to a trend report from 1stDibs, the subdued shade of green is expected to be the most popular color in 2024, followed by other rich, earthy shades. Soothing and endlessly versatile, it’s no surprise the near-neutral hue is dominating paint color trends this year. 

“The sense of wellbeing that we gain from time outside in the natural world has resulted in a desire to re-create this sense of connection and positivity in our homes, driving a renewed love for greens of all hues, as well as biophilic design,” says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene Paints. Leaf prints, dense foliage-based patterns, and a jungle-inspired color palette adorn our homes alongside a myriad of green shades to bring a sense of the outdoors in. 

Often referred to as ‘nature’s neutral,’ sage green has innately calming and restorative qualities and is a reliable foundation for endless color combinations. “One of the wonderful characteristics of green is that its makeup means it is very versatile,” Mottershead says. “Green can be easily used in many interior spaces because of its neutrality without being beige.” 

If you’re inspired to add the shade to your own space, color experts say these are the best sage green paint colors.

Sage Green by Little Greene

Courtesy of Little Greene Paint

“Sage Green was one of the paint colors enjoyed by the Victorians on account of their repose to the sight, and their solid and quiet tone,” Mottershead says. This shade by Little Greene is one of the richer sage hues, with a warm undertone and sense of depth. It pairs elegantly with neutral color families, like French Greys or Portland Stone shades, as well as stronger colors, like bright Mambo blue.

“For a dynamic, contemporary look, the earthy Book Room Green adds real depth when paired with the bolder toned Sage Green, adding a more tonal contrast rather than painting the room one color,” she says.

Paint Colors: Sage Green and Book Room Green by Little Greene

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Evergreen Fog SW 9130 was Sherwin-Williams’ 2022 Color of the Year. It’s a muted green-gray shade that breathes the freshness of nature into any space. “Evergreen Fog SW 9130 induces a restorative feel that pairs naturally with organic ‘barely there’ finishes like wooden beams, floors, cabinets, or decor,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. The color has a unique depth and character that makes it stand out and blend in simultaneously.

Lean into an earthy woodland color scheme by pairing it with a dark brown-grey, like Urbane Bronze SW 7048, or lighten it up with a creamy neutral like Woven Wicker SW 9104. Wadden suggests contrasting the cool blue-gray undertones with warm brass accents in the decor and finishes.

“Evergreen Fog SW 9130 also ranks highly among top interior tints, landing in the top 100 tinted colors and ranking number three on the list of most tinted greens for interiors,” Wadden says.

Paint Color: Evergreen Fog SW 9130 by Sherwin-Williams

October Mist 1495 by Benjamin Moore

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

October Mist 1495 is a gentle shade of sage crowned Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year in 2022. The nature-inspired color evokes a flower’s silver-green stem, giving a space a fresh and uplifting feel. “This shade of sage green pairs well with a range of colors, including creams, soft violets, buttery yellows, and refreshing blue,” says Hannah Yeo, senior manager of color marketing at Benjamin Moore.

Yeo suggests introducing October Mist into your entryway and hallways. “As connecting spaces in a home, hallways present a great opportunity to introduce a muted color that links the spaces, without overpowering and challenging the other colors throughout the house,” she says. The gentle tone of October Mist makes it the perfect candidate.

Paint Color: October Mist 1495 by Benjamin Moore

Mizzle by Farrow and Ball

Courtesy of Farrow and Ball

A soft green-grey, Mizzle is named after the West Country misty and drizzly evening skies. Sage green is the perfect relaxing paint color for a bedroom as it will help aid rest and calm, creating the ideal environment for a good night’s sleep. “With a hint of gray notes, in some lights, it can read as cooler, which makes it feel effortlessly modern too,” says Patrick O’Donnell, brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball.

He suggests layering sage green with off-whites that have a nuance of green through them, like Slipper Satin and Shaded White. “This will avoid tonal fighting and instead create a soft-shaded scheme,” he says. Alternatively, why not lean into the versatility of sage green and try something a little bolder, like red? “These are complementary colors on the color wheel, so they work in harmony and contrast effortlessly,” O’Donnell says.

Paint Color: Mizzle by Farrow & Ball

Verdeline #960 by C2 Paint

Courtesy of C2

If you’re looking for a cool sage shade, Verdeline #960 by C2 Paint is a popular pick. This mellow sage shade has a silvery blue undertone, making it the perfect color to counteract a warm south-facing room. “Its light, neutral, and timeless quality makes it ideal for a bedroom, bathroom, nursery, utility room, office space, or, honestly, anywhere you want to place it,” says Philippa Radon, C2 Paint design and paint color expert. “This silvery sage is perfect if your color agenda calls for something ethereal, light, pure, airy, and cool,” she says.

According to Radon, the enduring popularity of this sage shade is due to its sophistication, luminosity, and versatility with so many other design elements. She suggests pairing Verdeline #960 with timber textures, darker blue greens, warm metals, or silvery, cooler colors to maximize its potential. 

Paint Color: Verdeline #960 by C2 Paint

Clary Sage by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Courtesy of HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

For a sage green with a warm undertone, Ashley Banbury, color marketing manager at HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, suggests Clary Sage (HGSW6178). “It creates a feeling of soft warmth in any space as it draws on yellow undertones to evoke a truly lush feel,” she says. This versatile sage shade works universally inside and outside the home, from bedrooms and kitchens to patios and garden sheds.

“Leaning into the currently popular ‘newstalgic’ and kitschy kitchen trends, Clary Sage (HGSW6178) can provide a bit of retro flare when incorporated through light fixtures, tableware, or on kitchen cabinets,” Banbury says. She recommends pairing the hue with Creamy (HGSW7012) or Dirty Martini (HGSW9119) for a refined look.

Paint Color: Clary Sage (HGSW6178) by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Balance Green by Behr

Courtesy of Behr

Balance Green is composed of a blend of pale greens, including celery, sage, and jade, which together impart a sense of stability. “Balance Green is the perfect shade to introduce a touch of color to a gray room while maintaining an overall serene, neutral scheme,” says Erika Woelfel, Behr’s vice president of color and creative services. This sage green has a warm undertone, giving it an uplifting and energizing quality, ideal for spaces like kitchens, offices, and living rooms, where you want to feel happy, alert, and inspired.

Paint Color: Balance Green by Behr

Green 02 by Lick

Courtesy of Lick

Green 02 is a soft mid-tone sage green with balanced blue and grey undertones. “It is the most popular color at Lick, and due to its versatile possibilities, we aren’t surprised,” says Tash Bradley, color psychologist and director of interior design at Lick. “People are often drawn to sage green as it’s the color of balance and nature, which creates the same relaxing and wonderful effects of being surrounded by nature,” she says.

To bring the outdoors in, Bradley suggests using sage green on the walls or cabinets in a kitchen, also subconsciously encouraging healthy eating. “Sage green is also an excellent choice for a living room, bedroom, or home office, as our eyes don’t have to adjust to green, so it’s instantly a restful environment for our mind,” she says.

Paint Color: Green 02 by Lick

Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Sea Salt SW 6204 is a light, airy sage green shade set apart by its distinct cool blueish-gray undertones. “I love pairing this soft green hue with white trim like Extra White SW 7006 or Natural White SW 9542, available in our Emerald Designer Collection, to brighten a bedroom or create a gender-neutral nursery,” Wadden says.

She also suggests pairing Sea Salt with white marble flooring or tiles in a bathroom to create a spa-like look and calming ambiance. This paint color placed in the top 50 tinted interior colors in 2023, so Wadden believes it will continue to grow in popularity in 2024, “as people begin to transition from whites and grays to more natural and earthy color choices,” she says.

Paint Color: Sea Salt SW 6204 by Sherwin-Williams

Ambleside by Little Greene

Courtesy of Little Greene

Ambleside is a mid-tone sage shade with a cool blue undertone. According to Mottershead, the color was inspired by the country home of the legendary children’s writer Beatrix Potter at Hill Top Farm in Ambleside. “The farmhouse was fitted and furnished with many bargains from local sales and reflected Beatrix’s eclectic style,” she says. “This attractive dark green paint color, with a muted blue undertone, was used to complement the William Morris-designed daisy-motif wallpaper in Beatrix’s bedroom.”

Paint Color: Ambleside by Little Greene

Whitened Sage by Behr

Courtesy of Behr

Whitened Sage is a true white with a touch of gray-green, resulting in a barely there sage shade. “This color is a great choice to brighten up a utilitarian space like a laundry room or kitchen,” Woelfel says. “Whitened Sage allows designers and homeowners to embrace color while designing a minimalist space.” It makes the perfect neutral backdrop, introducing a touch of color while staying extremely versatile.

Contented by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Courtesy of HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Contented (HGSW6191) is one the most popular sage green shades by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. This subtle and soothing green has blue-gray undertones and provides a hint of color that acts as a neutral for a truly peaceful setting. “Invoking sophistication alongside serenity, Contented (HGSW6191) works well in any space, but it is especially beautiful when used in an area with lots of natural light exposure,” Banbury says.

She suggests pairing it with warm neutrals like Tumblin’ Tumbleweed (HGSW9120) and Canvas Tan (HGSW7531) and having fun with the shade by applying it to the ceiling or using it on trim for a truly unique look. 

Paint Color: Contented (HGSW6191) by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Green Trellis 5006-3C by Valspar

Courtesy of Valspar

Tapping into nature’s calming hues, Green Trellis 5006-3C draws on the tranquility and liveliness of the outdoors to create a grounding color that compliments both indoor and outdoor living spaces. “When paired with modern decor elements and natural materials, this color infuses the home with contemporary charm,” says Sue Kim, director of color marketing at Valspar.

She suggests teaming Green Trellis 5006-3C as the dominant color with minimalist-style furniture and sleek hardware for a clean and calming interior. “Or, create a dynamic living space by pairing the sage hue alongside luxurious neutrals like Luxe Gray 8005-4Cand Cherry Taupe 1005-10A,” she says.

Paint Color: Green Trellis 5006-3C by Valspar

French Gray by Farrow & Ball

Courtesy of Farrow and Ball

Sitting halfway between green and gray, French Gray was inspired by French decoration and wallpapers in the 19th century. “It is a beautiful sage shade which characterfully flits between green and grey as the light in the room shifts,” O’Donnell says. “It’s fantastically versatile and creates a calm, tranquil environment.” The blue-gray undertone creates a relaxed ambiance further enhanced by the nourishing green hue. “The subtle combination of green, blue, and black undertone makes French Gray particularly perfect in an east-facing living room or bedroom,” he says.

Paint Color: French Gray by Farrow & Ball

Salisbury Green HC-139 by Benjamin Moore

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Salisbury Green HC-139 is a mid-tone green with prominent gray undertones and a droplet of blue that results in a timeless, feel-good hue. “This classic sage green is a great color for the home’s interior and exterior,” says Yeo, who suggests pairing it with natural materials from wood to stone. “Paired with a crisp white, Salisbury Green looks fresh and breezy, especially with natural lighting.”

Introduce Salisbury Green on exterior woodwork to draw attention to architectural details, like shutters, window frames, the front door, or trim of the house. “Salisbury Green compliments surrounding landscapes and pairs well with natural materials, such as brick, stone, and wood tones,” she says.

Paint Color: Salisbury Green HC-139 by Benjamin Moore

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