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May 1, 2024

Planit adds experienced director to growing team

Sophie Parker-Loftus has joined the design practice from Exterior Architecture.

Parker-Loftus will work from Planit’s Altrincham office as landscape architecture studio director having decided to leave her previous post after nine years.

During her time at Exterior Architecture, Parker-Loftus worked across various high-profile northern schemes including Kampus in Manchester and Kirkstall Road in Leeds.

In her new role at Planit, she will work across a portfolio of projects, supporting fellow directors Georgina Baines, Lindsay Humblet, and Kevin Redhead.

As part of her role, Parker-Loftus will also help oversee the growth of Planit’s Leeds studio.

“I am delighted to be joining Planit and be part of the journey of creating regenerative places of the now and future,” she said.

Co-founder and managing director Pete Swift said Parker-Loftus is joining the firm at a “pivotal time”.

Planit has committed to ensuring each project it delivers will have a measurable net-positive impact for all living things by 2028, and to move beyond the level of sustainable to create regenerative places.

“We made a clear commitment last year to design the future we want from the widest possible perspective – to go beyond sustainable towards regenerative.

“It’s an ambitious mission and will require the best system thinkers, problem solvers and collaborative designers to help us deliver it.”

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