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May 4, 2024

Berger Paint Nigeria Plc, continues to deliver impressive growth under Abi Allison Ayida’s leadership


Berger Paints Nigeria Plc began operations in January 9, 1959 in Nigeria under the Coating and Allied Industry in Nigeria, as a legacy business that Lewis Berger (a German colour chemist who established the London-based Berger Paints dynasty in 1760) left behind. Incorporated as British Paints (West Africa), Berger Paints Nigeria Plc began importing paints from Newcastle. Distribution took place through PZ, Brossette, and VYB outlets.

The company has a manufacturing facility and main distribution hub in Lagos, as well as more than 25 depots/business partners’ outlets, Color World centres, and a nationwide distribution network of dealers in key locations across the nation. It operates in five business segments: decorative/architectural finishes, industrial coatings, marine & protection coatings, automotive/vehicle refinishes, wood finishing and preservers.

The company operates a fully automated paint factory with a daily capacity of 10,000,000 litres.


Berger Paints operates in the industrial goods and building materials industry. The industry has experienced significant growth in Nigeria. Responsible for the industry’s growth government and private sector involvement in development of the nation’s infrastructure, including its roads, schools, hospitals, and housing stock.

Another factor contributing to the industry’s expansion is its extensive involvement in the real estate market, which Nigerians view as a safer investment asset class and depends on supplies like paint and cement.

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In 2021, the sector’s quoted companies reported earnings that increased by 29.6% to N1.12 trillion and are expected to continue growing.


  • In 1962, the company purchased 6.5 acres of land and built the first paint factory. It began producing high-quality decorative paint under the brand name Robiallac.
  • Berger, Johnson & Nicholson acquired the company through an offshore arrangement in 1969.
  • As a result, all subsidiaries around the world had to change their names to reflect the new ownership. In Nigeria, British Paints (West Africa) was renamed Berger Paints Nigeria Limited, and the foreign shareholders were Lewis Berger (Overseas Holdings) Limited of the United Kingdom.
  • Berger Paints Nigeria Limited was formed by merging two factories in Port Harcourt and Lagos.
  • Following the Nigeria Enterprise Promotion Decree of 1972, the owners of Berger Paints Nigeria Limited sold 60% of their shares on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE), becoming the first paint manufacturing company to be quoted on the NSE in December 14, 1973.
  • Berger began producing high-quality decorative paint under the brand name Luxol in 1975 and Textcote-fire retardant in 1978 and Procol, an insect repellent paint.
  • Berger Paints Limited was renamed Berger Paints Nigeria Plc (BPNPlc) in 1989, and CAB (Overseas Holdings) Limited, United Kingdom, purchased half of the offshore shares in 1997, with the other half acquired through a management buy-out (MBO) scheme.
  • PZ Plc of Manchester (UK) was divested in 1998, and its shares were acquired through another MBO scheme. Berger Paints Nigeria Plc was given the exclusive right to manufacture and market all Berger Brands in Nigeria.
  • Berger Paints Nigeria Plc. entered into a partnership agreement with KCC Corporation, a heavy-duty coating manufacturing company in South Korea, in 2012 to jointly serve the Nigerian paint and coating market.


Its products are in two main categories: Decorative and Non-decorative products range. The decorative product range includes premium, standard and budget grades. The brand names for these grades are Luxol, Super Star and Robbialac, respectively, under these product names: Luxol Emulsion, Luxol Gloss, Clinstay Emulsion, Super Star Emulsion, Super Star Gloss, Robbialac Emulsion, Robbialac Gloss, Supertex, Texcote, Robbitex, Rufhide.

The non-decorative product range includes: Thermoplastic Road Marker, Lignolac Wood Finish, Epoxy Coatings, AutoLux, Cellulose Enamel, Bergernol, and Wood Primers.


Executive Board

  • Abi Allison Ayida – Chairman

Ayida has an MBA from Pennsylvania State University in the United States and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Minnesota. He has experience in the UK’s banking, insurance, and manufacturing industries as well as in Nigeria. On June 7, 2018, he was named Chairman of Berger Paints Nig Plc.

  • Mr Adeyemi Adetomiwa – MD/CEO

Following Mr. Anjan Sircar’s retirement on January 4, 2022, he was appointed interim managing director and chief executive officer of Berger Paints Plc. He joined the company in 2019 as COO with nearly three decades of management experience in the manufacturing sector. He has a B.Tech in Chemistry from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Oyo State, and is a Certified Environmental Scientist with the National Registry of Environmental Professionals in the United States. He began working for CAP Plc in 2001 as an Assistant Production Manager and held a variety of positions.

  • Raj .S. Mangtani (Indian)- Non Executive Director

Raj. Mangtani graduated from the University of Bombay with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. He belongs to both the Indian Professionals Association of Nigeria and the Nigerian Institute of Management. Additionally, he holds a non-executive director position on the boards of manufacturing firms like Metcem Limited and Zaika Foods Ingredient Ltd. He was appointed a non-executive director on October 16, 2014, after joining the board on September 10, 2002, as an alternate director.

  • Mrs Iheanacho- Non-Executive Director
  • Adekunle Olowokande- Non Executive Director
  • Mrs. Erejuwa Gbadebo- Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Mrs. Aisha Umar- Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Adeyemi Adetomiwa- Acting Managing Director

Executive Management

  • Adeyemi Adetomiwa- Acting Managing Director
  • Dominic Oladeji- Head of Marketing & Strategy
  • Olayinka Osikomaiya- Head, Internal Control, Risk and Compliance
  • Ayokunle Ayoko- Company Secretary / Legal Adviser
  • Aderonke Olajubu- Ag. Head of Technical
  • Olawale Akinremi- Ag. Head of Sales
  • Onyebuchi Roberts- Chief Financial Officer
  • Margaret Essien- Head of Human Resources

Abi Allison Ayida’s Achievements 

  • Berger Paints Plc, led by the chairman, opened the first automated water-based paint factory in Sub-Saharan Africa in Lagos in 2020 at the cost of N2 billion.
  • The company’s revenue increased by 6% in 2020, and its profit increased by 40%, from N320 million to a record-breaking N448.7 million.
  • Despite the downsizing that most businesses have engaged in since the pandemic, the company continues to implement its growth strategy as shown by the growth in staff size.


The Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) is the major regulating body of the Nigerian paint industry, responsible for ensuring that all manufacturing industries in Nigeria are duly certified, that their products are suitable, and that healthy competition is promoted.

The Paint Industry Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (PMA) is another body that regulates and protects the Nigerian paint industry, acting as a watchdog for Nigerian paint manufacturers.

The number of employees is not exactly known but ranges between 200 to 500.


Investor Relations

The company was listed on January 1, 1970, with a market capitalization of N1,912,834,750.20. Its issued share capital is N289,823,447, and its current share price is 6.85.

Ayida Abi, the chairman, has a shareholding of 625,601 shares, while Mr. Adekunle Olowokande (Non-executive Director) has 197,965 shares of the company. The total directors’ shareholding is 823,566 shares.


Its paint products are sold from its main distribution centre in Lagos. In addition, it has a countrywide distribution network of dealers in strategic locations spread throughout the country over 25 depots/business partners’ outlets and its branded Colour World centres.

So far, its revenue from the various channels stated earlier, which is indicated in the second quarter June 2022 report is N3,004,027,000, while profit before taxation is N185,907,000.


The paint company is no stranger to awards. It received the 2017 African Quality Achievement Award, and in the same year, the company also won the Best Paints manufacturing company at the Real Estate Excellence awards.


Considering the high demand for paint products across the country, it is not surprising that many existing paint manufacturing firms operate at different capacities and scales. However, there are those considered to be the “elite” paint manufacturers that dominate the market. Some of these are: Chemical and Allied Products (CAP) Plc, DN Meyer Plc, Dulux Brand, and Finecoat are direct competitors of Berger Paints. Due to its market dominance, Berger paint is equally ranked high as one of the top brands.

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