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May 8, 2024

BASF launches 2023-2024 Automotive Color Trends collection themed ON VOLUDE

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- The designers at BASF’s Coatings division craft a fresh array of colors annually intend to ignite the creativity of automotive designers worldwide. In the 2023-2024 edition of Automotive Color Trends by BASF, the collection themed “ON VOLUDE” was prominently influenced by non-human intelligence, serving as a significant catalyst in its creation.

At the report launch event held on October 11, the company said as BASF’s designers delved into the insights derived from the market trend indicators, they came to the realization that the traditional automotive color spectrum had run its course. Non-conventional hues in the automotive realm began to surface, ushering in a series of transformations that exude a vibrant aura. The spotlight shifted towards lighter shades and the exploration of novel, evocative color palettes, reflecting an optimistic ambiance.

The ON VOLUDE collection introduces captivating colors while simultaneously emphasizing sustainability and functionality. As clients turn to BASF’s assortment to conceptualize the hues for their forthcoming vehicle models, the evolution towards this fresh approach will gradually appear on the roads and driveways over the course of the next three to five model years.

Asia Pacific

Within the ON VOLUDE project, designers based in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region delved into the exploration and enhancement of significant color realms, particularly focusing on whites and grays. Simultaneously, they ventured into innovative color domains, introducing options like shimmering green pastel and fluorescent red, providing fresh avenues for self-expression in response to the evolving preferences of car buyers in APAC.

This collection embodies a practical approach towards sustainable materials, sustainable processes, and a wide array of sustainable concepts and effects.

ELECTRONIC CITRUS; photo credit: BASF Coating unit

Chiharu Matsuhara, who heads the Automotive Color Design division for APAC, remarked, “This palette can create amazing color harmonies that are futuristic, modern and playful interactions between color and effect combinations. These sustainable concepts are reimagined in a more realistic way, boosting BASF’s leadership in sustainability.”

According to the newly launched report, the key color for Asia Pacific is a light green hue that shows the region’s positive attitude and growth even during difficult times. The unique color, named ELECTRONIC CITRUS, reflects this atmosphere in a fluorescent color in the light green space with an airy blue highlight.


PANORAMA; photo credit: BASF

The report also unveils the key trend color for the Chinese market, known as “PANORAMA”. Officially, the PANORAMA is described as an energetic shade that strives to explore new frontiers in color identity for the emerging electric vehicle market, said the company.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

In the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (“EMEA”) market, the color palette prominently features vibrant beige tones. Simultaneously, pastel shades assume a significant role by infusing captivating non-automotive color elements into the realm of automotive design.

As evident across the ON VOLUDE collection, the EMEA color spectrum ventures beyond mere color selection. It seamlessly incorporates sustainability, the use of recycled materials, compatibility with LiDAR and RADAR technologies, and the integration of haptic surfaces.

“Expressive colors reflect our will to communicate and speak up,” said Mark Gutjahr, head of Automotive Color Design for EMEA. “When we bring non-automotive colors into the mix, we broaden that conversation even further into new and exciting color spaces.”


PREDICTOR; photo credit: BASF

The EMEA key color is named PREDICTOR, which the company said tells people something about the importance of the human factor in the future by adding a sharp, warm sparkle to the matte surface.


The color palette for the Americas region embodies a quest for optimism and originality, celebrating the potential for innovation across all artistic and design domains. The color palettes are evolving, becoming more versatile, and infused with an added element of excitement.

This collection showcases gentler shades, reduced textures, and subtle shifts that reflect aspirations for future endeavors, both immediate and long-term. The colors in the Americas section contribute to cooling effects within the vehicle through solar reflectance, synergize with sensor-based mobility concepts, and further explore diverse avenues for responsible sourcing of raw materials.

“In this year’s collection, red leaning pastels and mid-tones are replaced by restorative yellow and green effects suggesting renewal,” said Liz Hoffman, head of Automotive Color Design for the Americas. “The connection complements both grounded color spaces and otherworldly escapes. It shows evolving mindsets in automotive design.”


PREDICTOR; photo credit: BASF

The key color BASF chose for the Americas is ZENOMENON. The company said this represents a next-gen innovation that promises a revitalized structure and redefined potential, fortifying the journey towards a brighter future.

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