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May 9, 2024

Sinclair Paints to reconquer the Philippine paint and coating industry with its new generation paints

Sinclair Paints, one of the world’s most trusted and premium paint brands that originated in the USA back in 1928, has finally made its comeback in the Philippine market by launching breakthrough paint products at the recently held PhilConstruct Expo, the country’s largest and most anticipated annual event in the construction industry.

Now dubbed as “The New Generation Paint,” Sinclair was officially launched by Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc., one of the fastest-growing construction chemical companies in the Philippines and the mother company behind Buildrite Construction Chemicals and Max Bond Adhesive Solutions.

Headed by its CEO, Founder, and Construction Chemical Specialist Derrick Tan, Sinclair introduced new generation paint products including the country’s first water-based polyurethane paint and the first silicone-based paint in the presence of Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers (PAPM) President Charlie Kwa and Secretary General Diosdado Cheng.

Old is Gold: The Sinclair History

Prior to its relaunch at the PhilConstruct, Sinclair Paints has already made its mark in the paint and coating industry. It introduced acri colors and oil-based tinting colors in the Philippines as well as the DIY method of house painting. It also kept its legacy of providing premium quality and durable paints thus, earning the trust of seasoned architects, designers, and painting professionals.

With its desire to remain true to its famous tagline, “Don’t just paint it, Sinclair it!” Sinclair took its time to modify its products by adding functionality to the premium quality and durability that the brand has long been known for.

“For the last 3 to 5 years, Sinclair has been developing and innovating breakthrough products that challenge the norms in paint technology,” said Mr. Tan in a video played at the Sinclair booth during the entire PhilConstruct Expo.

Not Just a Paint: The New Sinclair

Mr. Tan also revealed that the challenges faced by the construction industry during the pandemic had become an opportunity for Sinclair to innovate and adapt. That’s why Sinclair, The New Generation Paint is now all about innovative adaptability, a term that it has coined from its brand values.

“We communicate these values (innovative + adaptable) by using nature as our template. Sinclair continuously innovates to provide the changing needs of the consumers and adapt to the changing environment,” he explained.

Nonetheless, Mr. Tan made it clear that the new Sinclair does not cater alone to the new generation of consumers because as a paint brand, it transcends generations and continuously evolves.

Inspired by Nature: Sinclair,
The New Generation Paint

Under the new generation paints of Sinclair are three segments dubbed as the modern technology paint systems, from oil-based to water-based paints, and the universal colorants.

The modern technology paint systems consist of 1) the ACRYLIC SYSTEM including Tamago Cleanable Paint (an eggshell finish paint with outstanding cleanability) and Natica Waterproofing Paint (a waterproofer, primer, sealer, and topcoat in one), 2) the POLYURETHANE SYSTEM featuring Armadillo Polyurethane Paint (the first water-based polyurethane paint in the Philippines designed for high-rise buildings due to its flexibility and durability), and 3) the SILICONE SYSTEM comprising Taro Breathable Paint (the country’s first silicone-based paint with high vapor permeability developed for areas with high moisture).

Also introduced was Chameleon Colorant, a universal colorant carefully formulated using special types of chemicals and pigments that can blend accurately with any type of paint without affecting the original sheen of the base paint and can provide any desired color with specific shades from pastel to dark.

Mr. Tan further declared Sinclair’s commitment to the environment by transitioning from oil-based to water-based paints that are low-odor and non-toxic. Among Sinclair’s latest water-based products are Ligno, a wood primer and tannin blocker in one; Rhino, a corrosion resistant metal primer and topcoat in one; and Cascara WB Quick Dry Enamel, a topcoat for wood, metal, and concrete.

Coming soon at Sinclair, The New Generation Paint is the launch of its decorative paints that aim to empower everyone to bring out his/her inner artist.

Don’t just paint it, Sinclair it!

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