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May 11, 2024

West Coast Modern Week announces 2024 programming — Stir

EVERY YEAR, West Coast Modern Week celebrates the distinct architectural style of West Coast Modernism, which has deep roots in West Vancouver. The region’s natural setting of ocean, rocks, and rainforest, presents certain challenges and opportunities that are reflected in the local architecture.

Kicking things off on July 9 is the West Coast Modern Week Launch Party and WVAM 30th Anniversary at Isetta Cafe Bistro. The fundraising event features architects, designers, artists, and more at the café set in an iconic West Vancouver building that was designed in 1961 and once housed a diner, gas station, and car garage. It was renovated in 2022.

On July 9, 10, 11 are Walking Tours: The Modern Jewels of Dundarave. Led by experienced guides, the two-hour tours around the Dundarave waterfront will explore several mid-century buildings.

A panel discussion called SITE | LIGHT | CADENCE | SPACE ARTHUR ERICKSON REVISITED takes place on July 10. Renowned architect Arthur Erickson defined site, light, cadence, and space as his four first principles of architecture. The West Coast Modern League teams up with the West Vancouver Art Museum and the Polygon Gallery for this celebration of Erickson’s centenary through the lens of local designers who have revisited his work through active renewal and preservation.

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