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May 12, 2024

eerkes architects designs ‘hale hapuna’ for kauai’s south shore

hale hapuna: A Kauai Retreat in Harmony with Nature


Pacific Northwestern studio Eerkes Architects takes to Hawaii to design its Hale Hapuna, a 5,377-square-foot residence on the south shore of Kauai. The project is envisioned as a retreat that encourages a connection between family members and the coastal landscape. Multiple gathering areas punctuate the exterior, each offering comfortable seating and framed views across Kauai. A cantilevered lanai, or patio, extends from the main bedroom, and seems to float amongst the palm trees. to space lends a private oasis for relaxing in nature.

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Eerkes Architects designs for connection with the site


Eerkes Architects’ design of Hale Hapuna integrates the surrounding nature into the home, working with landscape team Surfacedesign Inc. The architects‘ strategic placement of these gathering areas ensures postcard views of iconic Kauai landmarks like Mount Haupu and the crashing waves on Kukuiula Harbor reefs. But the focus isn’t just on permanent features, the team also encourages guests to appreciate ever-changing nature, from shifting clouds across the sky to the luminous, fleeting sunrise and sunset.


The material choices for Hale Hapuna reflect a respect for the island’s unique character. Lava rock, limestone, coral, wood, and water — these elements, native to Kauai, are woven throughout the design — with interiors by Charlie Hellstern Interior Design — to create a sense of harmony and connection between the residence and its environment.

hale hapuna eerkes architects
Eerkes Architects completes Hale Hapuna, a Kauai retreat designed for family connection

hale hapuna eerkes architects
local materials like lava rock and wood reflect Kauai’s unique character hale hapuna eerkes architects
Hale Hapuna blends indoor and outdoor living spaces eerkes architects designs breezy 'hale hapuna' for kauai's south shore
a private lanai cantilevers from the primary bedroom, creating a treetop sanctuary

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