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May 14, 2024

Samsara Launches New Construction Tools at Beyond 2023 in Austin

Samsara Mobile Experience Management was launched today at Samsara Beyond, along with other functionality applicable to the construction industry.


In Austin at its Beyond conference, Samsara Inc (NYSE: IOT), announced new software functionality and technology for GPS-enabled asset management of distributed equipment and on-road vehicles, including significant features vital for construction.

Samsara’s Connected Operations™ Cloud serves as the connected operations backbone for thousands of organizations that rely on the artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) tool set to prevent 120,000 crashes in 2022 alone, digitizing more than 23 million documents to eliminate costly manual processes.

Today, Samsara, based in San Francisco, has announced: 

  • Mobile Experience Management (MEM) which simplifies mobile management at scale so workers can access remote training and live troubleshooting – through their mobile devices while reducing digital distractions
  • Virtual Coach for driver self-coaching directly in the Samsara Driver App
  • Smart Trailer and Asset Tracking solutions including new asset gateways to capture utilization, temperature, and location
  • A new Find My Asset feature to quickly find misplaced or stolen high-value unpowered assets
  • Data Connectors for Fivetran, Kafka, and Microsoft Power BI

At its Beyond conference, Samsara launched a new Find My Asset feature, which works with unpowered, light assets.At its Beyond conference, Samsara launched a new Find My Asset feature, which works with unpowered, light assets.Samsara

Rapid Innovation

These new capabilities represent a small fraction of the 200 or so new features Samsara pushes into production every year. Construction companies use Samsara for:

  • GPS location with geofencing
  • Telematics for construction equipment
  • Video telematics for equipment operation monitoring and safety

Samsara hangs its hat to some extent on IoT technology—the company designs its own hardware internally, unlike many construction-specific vendors that white label sensor and telematics hardware from other companies. Thanks to this and overall product design, the methods Samsara offers to get data into their platform are robust, extending not only to its own sensors and telematics units but telematics units from major construction OEMs.


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