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May 15, 2024

AD Small Spaces: An 880-square-foot Mumbai home celebrates celestial embrace

The bedroom doors are flush with the elevation, keeping the experience meditative and non-invasive. Banswara white marble accents in the living-dining pockets pay homage to the clients’ nostalgic ties to their home city, Bangalore.

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The cabinet, finished in oak wood and limewash with a spherical wooden handle, offers a glimpse into the kitchen’s matte white cabinets and mushroom granite stone countertop.

Yadnyesh Joshi

The kitchen has a discreet entrance, as the door slides into its pocket, and in true fashion, the “orb” is a spherical door knob that inserts itself into a slot. Once inside, the cabinetry, drawers, and storage are finished in light wood with recessed handles. The matte white overhead cabinets meld into the ceiling. Mushroom-toned granite countertops and dado punctuate the light-toned kitchen.

Image may contain Book Publication Indoors Interior Design Furniture Bed Door Home Decor Bedroom and Room

Sliding wardrobe shutters with white sheer embroidered fabric sandwiched in glass.

Yadnyesh Joshi

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A wooden bed back with limewash finished niches and a white marble top has a soft, luxe boucle headboard.

Yadnyesh Joshi

Moving through the space, one instantly feels the harmony linking one room to the next, with a neutral backdrop nestled amongst the raw textures, natural stone, and light wood. The bedrooms were designed in response to their occupants. The designers have addressed the compact dimensions without overwhelming the room—a vanity, mirror, and bed are integrated into a bedback with removable cushions. Tiny niches are fitted with onyx stone orbs illuminated with soft light, casting a soft glow in the bedroom.

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The bed in the parent’s bedroom is a reclaimed wood framework with cane infill and white marble wall cladding that extends onto the floor.

Yadnyesh Joshi

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A study-cum-vanity terminates with a tall mirror. Decor from House of Soko and a white clay wall sconce by Hatsu accentuate the space.

Yadnyesh Joshi

The parents’ bedroom has a wood, rattan, and marble grid as a backdrop. Indian block prints are incorporated into the wardrobe shutters, paying homage to their roots. A study-cum-vanity was designed and positioned by a window overlooking the sea.

“In my view, minimalism isn’t about sacrificing detail; it serves as a canvas for showcasing details that mirror your context, history, and inherent personality within a space”, Sanyukta concludes. The apartment is a testament to melding the organic and linear and focusing purely on natural materials; they have crafted a place of solitude and peace within a dense urban environment.

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