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May 16, 2024

Meet the architects and designers who design the homes of Indian celebrities

Mumbai-based Sarah Sham is the founder of Essajees Atelier, which is renowned for crafting timeless homes that showcase the clients’ personality. In Sarah’s 15 years of work experience, she has crafted the interiors of several high-profile spaces such as Ishan Khatter’s home, the Ambani residence, Gautam Singhania’s home, and Taj Downtown, Dubai.

“My personal approach to work, which naturally influences all of Essajees Atelier’s endeavours, revolves around consistently aiming to provide top-notch décor solutions. This is achieved through close collaboration with our clients and by offering extensive customisation to fulfil their specific requirements. In terms of Essajees Atelier’s signature style, I think the one thing that we prioritise over all else is to maintain a sense of elegance and timelessness in every home we design. We take great pains to create spaces that go beyond passing design trends, ensuring longevity beyond the transient styles that may fade within a few years,” mentions Sarah Sham, interior designer and founder of Essajees Atelier.

reD Architects

Rajiv and Ekta Parekh with Sonakshi Sinha.

Pankaj Anand

reD Architects is a design and architecture studio that has been instrumental in creating the interiors of a number of celebrity homes such as that of Sonakshi Sinha. At the heart of the ethos at reD Architects lies a philosophy that amalgamates contextual, vernacular, and contemporary elements. The Mumbai-based studio’s design language resonates with the surroundings, embracing local flavours while infusing modern sensibilities. Each project, be it residential or commercial unfolds as a narrative crafted from the fabric of its context.

“We view design as a collaborative symphony. Our team seamlessly collaborates with artists, sculptors, engineers, and various design experts. This convergence of diverse perspectives infuses each project with nuanced insights, enriching the design process and ensuring comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse perceptions of our clients and users. Purpose-driven design isn’t just a concept for us, it’s a philosophy ingrained in every blueprint, every structure, and every interaction. We strive to achieve our clients’ goals through the process of research,” mention Rajiv Parekh, Ekta Parekh and Mithali Raut, founders of reD Architects.

Quirk Studio

Image may contain Aditya Seal Anushka Ranjan People Person Adult Groupshot Clothing and Coat

Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera with Aditya Seal and and Anushka Ranjan.

The Visual Voyage

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