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May 17, 2024

31 Miami Interior Designers on the AD PRO Directory You Need to Know About

For more than a decade, Bea Interiors Design has offered a full range of services including conceptual design, custom furniture and finishes, project coordination, art procurement and installation, and lighting and furniture design. Founder Bea Pernia is intimately involved in each of her projects from ideation to completion, collaborating with clients, architects, artisans, and contractors to craft meaningful solutions—always with precision, flexibility, attention to detail, and genuine passion.

Pernia expertly applies her artistic sensibility to craft novel, harmonious aesthetics that follow her passion for interior and product design. Viewing each project as a unique opportunity to explore fabrics, textures, contrasts, shapes, and materials in order to realize the vision of her client, she often experiments with natural woods, lush textiles, leather, metal, and reflective surfaces. The outcome infuses natural elements with timeless elegance for a look that is at once clean and modern.

The great room of a beach estate on the private island of Jumby Bay, off the coast of Antigua, was designed by Studio IDC to blend seamlessly with its location.

Michael Stavaridis courtesy of Studio IDC

Studio IDC is a boutique, second-generation, family-owned interior design firm offering turnkey services to luxury residential and hospitality clientele throughout South Florida and the Caribbean. Drawing on cultural influences, locality, and client lifestyles, Studio IDC aims to curate visually exquisite and functional spaces. The firm’s licensed designers and in-house procurement specialists are attuned to each client’s bespoke needs, ensuring smooth communication throughout the design process.

Celebrating its 25th year in business, Studio IDC originated on the fundamental belief that successful interior design is the product of tailored and collaborative synergy. Led by chief designer Todd Tyler’s passion for stunning, experiential design, the studio’s goal is to form lasting relationships with clients, vendors, and partners equally inspired by seamless spaces—whether it’s their holiday home or a five-star hotel project.

The founders of BG Design created the interiors for their own home at Ten Museum Park which recently featured in a...

The founders of B+G Design created the interiors for their own home at Ten Museum Park, which recently featured in a Maluma music video.

Kris Tamburello courtesy of B+G Design

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