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May 30, 2024

Here are the winners of the Tatler Homes Design Awards 2024 – Malaysia

But the global inspirations transcend just architectural styles. The furnishings and materials, many sourced from renowned Danish designers, lend a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic. Geometric motifs like squares and circular windows create a modernist interplay throughout the interior spaces.

Judge Lai Siew Hong, co-founder of Blu Water Studio, opines: “The incorporation of playful tropical modernism ideas creates a timeless yet elegant design. It seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces. Meticulously chosen design elements, materials, colour palettes, and furnishings contribute to a unique sophistication throughout the residence.”

Fellow judge Shin Tseng, director of Urban Agenda Design Group, concludes: “Clever use of mundane local architectural ingredients that sensitively compose into a beautiful art piece to live in. A true embodiment of tropical architecture and Asian culture that responds to local climate and way of life, delivering a complex architecture statement through a thoughtfully crafted home could test the stand of time, hence a timeless masterpiece.”

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