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June 4, 2024

Delta Corporation Launches Global Expansion: The Entrepreneurial Odyssey of Luan Muça and DC Industries

Delta Corporation embarks on a global expansion journey led by entrepreneur Luan Muça and DC Industries.

Elbasan, Albania–(Newsfile Corp. – April 15, 2024) – Luan Muca, the Founder and President of Delta Corporation, was born in Elbasan, Albania, on August 5, 1971. He is the fourth child in his family, with one older sister, one older brother, and one younger brother. Both of his parents are Albanian and currently reside there. Muca’s name, meaning “Lion” in Albanian, was chosen by his parents to symbolize strength and leadership. Muca is married to Mia Muca, and together, they have three children: Ambra, their oldest daughter; Gabriel, their second son; and Bruklin, their youngest daughter.

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Early Life and Aspirations

Muca has recounted that from a young age, he aspired to become a businessman, driven by his ego and ambition for independence. He envisioned himself as a leader who could contribute to making society a better place through his services and products. His interest in business was sparked during his childhood in communist Albania, where he perceived limitations in the government-controlled system and advocated for capitalist ideals.

In a country where many opted to master a trade instead of pursuing higher education, Muca made the decision to complete high school and enroll in the University of “Aleksand”er Xhuvani,” where he studied Business Administration.

In recognition of his contributions to the economic development of the city, Muca was awarded the title of “Honors” by the municipality of Durres in 2014.

Shaping the Vision: Luan Muca’s Journey Begins

Muca embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 1996, establishing a small tile shop named Delta in Elbasan, Albania. As the business flourished, Muca recognized the potential for growth and made the strategic decision to import not only tiles but also other products such as bathroom sanitary ware, parquet flooring, and toilet accessories. In 1998, he expanded operations by inaugurating a large retail outlet in his hometown and continued to do so in other cities such as Tirana, Fier, Shkoder, Sarande, and Korce.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Market Expansion

In 2008, Muca decided to invest in the production of construction and repair materials, naming the venture Dast (Delta Adhesive Structural Tech). Despite having no previous experience with these products, DAST quickly became one of the main players and continued to grow rapidly, taking a leading position in Albania and gaining wide recognition in the Balkans and beyond

The DAST product portfolio includes tile adhesives, tile joint fillers, decorative coatings, plasters, finishes, gypsum-based products, self-leveling and waterproofing materials, silicones, reinforcing additives, acid-based cleaners, meshes, etc.

In 2012, Muca decided to invest in establishing a manufacturing facility in Albania, named Deutsch Color. The company specialized in developing a diverse range of paints for both outdoor and indoor use, including decoration paint, wall paint, wood paint, metal paint, decorative paint, and chemical products for the construction industry.

After successfully penetrating the domestic market, the company began exporting its products in 2013 to countries such as Kosovo, Macedonia, Italy, Montenegro, Germany, Croatia, Belgium, Finland, Malta, and Africa.

In 2015, Thermoswiss expanded its presence in the Balkans and Europe by establishing Thermo Swiss, a facility for the advanced production of Polystyrene in Albania. This step not only strengthened the company’s position as a leader in the production of Polystyrene but also demonstrated its commitment to providing European markets with high-quality solutions for thermal insulation.

In 2019, in a significant move towards global outreach, Muca diversified Delta’s portfolio by venturing into the US market, inaugurating a distribution center in New Jersey. This expansion underscored Muca’s ambition and commitment to positioning Delta as a leading player in the international market. His aim is to expand the range of products to be part of the DC Industries portfolio. For this reason, in February 2025, production will commence on a wide range of products related to the construction and coating industries. This product range will cover all sectors of the building industries, strengthening the foundations of our homes and enhancing their appearance with vibrant colors. These products will not only vary in names but also in the chemistry applied to formulate them. Cement-based products, resins, epoxy, polyurethane, and polyester products will cater to different applications, ensuring maximum strength and sustainability.

In the coating industry, we breathe life into metallic structures exposed to severe weather conditions, protecting them from corrosion. Our houses will be filled with light, brilliance, and vivid colors from the extensive range of paints available.

Inspired by his successful business ventures, Muca identified Africa as a promising investment destination for expansion.

In 2019, he invested in opening a manufacturing plant for chemicals used in the construction industry in Kairouan, Tunisia.

Following years of exporting to Tunisia, Deutsch Color established its newest manufacturing plant in Kairouan, Tunisia, effectively addressing the market demands of North Africa.

This ecological factory meets all the needs of the local market and beyond, based on efficiency, quality, and modern technology. With an advanced laboratory equipped with the most modern equipment and a scientific team that enables the research and development process, the factory brings the highest quality products to customers. The wide range of

products, from emulsion-based paints to industrial paints, as well as the entire range of construction materials, provides customers with a variety of choices.

This facility, named DC Industries, aimed to directly supply the African market. Consequently, all manufacturing facilities would be rebranded as DC Industries instead of Deutsch Color.

In 2021, during the pandemic, Muca made the strategic decision to invest in Bergamo, Italy, by constructing a factory which commenced production in 2022. The strategic location of the company provides for the distribution of products not only in Italy but also in markets such as Switzerland, France, Austria, and Germany. Year after year, this factory has increased volumes and strengthened its position in the market, expanding both client and product portfolios. It boasts a strong R&D department fully equipped with the latest and most innovative technology for sustainability and environmentally friendly products.

In 2022, Muca initiated the investment process for a manufacturing plant in West Africa, establishing DC Industries in Dakar, Senegal. For two years now, the company has been leading the market in the manufacturing of building materials and paints. The products of the DC Industries brand have become the reference products in the market.

In February 2024, DC Industries in Cairo, Egypt, completed the construction of its newest manufacturing facility and commenced operations, serving its clientele. The factory is considered one of the biggest in the region. In Cairo, production started in March 2024 for innovative and environmentally friendly products for construction and coating industries such as cement-based products using recycled materials, new-generation concrete additives to enhance performance and reduce the footprint of CO2, waterproofing materials, etc. In coating industries, high-tech technologies are utilized to provide the highest product performance. Over 1000 products for special applications are available.

In July 2024, production will commence in Skopje, North Macedonia, for construction and coating materials such as cement-based tile adhesive, cement-based structural repairing mortar, seismic structural mortars, decorative eco-friendly emulsion paint, epoxy paint for offshore structures, marine paint, antifouling paint for marine industries, etc.

In addition to the aforementioned companies, Mr. Muca has also invested in the Construction and Tourism Industry, named DC Investment.

Media Information
Contact Person:Luan Muca
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Address: Elbasan, Albania

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