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June 11, 2024

5 nostalgic Goa homes from the AD archives that personify slow living

Located in Pilerne Marra, Bardez, the 11,000 square-foot property is landscaped considering Goan biodiversity and features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a reading room, a game room, a formal drawing room and three patios. Dean D’Cruz, the principal architect at Mozaic Design and associate architect Ashika Nadaph of DesignVan worked closely on the project with the homeowners, the restoration team from Jeernodhar Conservators, Swati Ghandkar of The Glass Studio and Asmita Parelkar of Wild Gardens. The house is famously known as the ‘Seven Doors House’ in the neighbourhood, and the owners stuck to it.

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This 130-year-old villa in Goa is packed to the rafters with art and love

Studio Charuau

It was in 2017 that Mumbai-based Arun Lalwani, an avid surfer and fashion designer, fell in love with Parra quaint village in North Goa. Making a second villa in Goa was something he was seriously considering. “My brother Alok and I are admirers of good art and architecture. So when we came across this 130-year-old villa fringed by lush paddy fields in Parra we knew we had found our home,” explains Arun Lalwani, co-founder of Amger (our home in Konkani) a heritage villa in North Goa. The property came with two wells, a small chapel and a gigantic mango tree!

Goa Villa

Studio Charuau

While the bones of the house were basically sound, more than a little imagination was required to see its potential. Brothers Arun and Alok Lalwani entrusted the rehaul to architect Supriya Gandhi of the Workshop Architects and restoration expert Ketak Nachinolkar. The team was given full creative latitude, provided the design stayed “true to the land and held on to the charm of the bygone era in which the house was built” and sidestepped stereotypical interpretations of modernism. The goal was to respect the property’s history while avoiding a formulaic or prescribed look.

A sense of nostalgia and continuity flows seamlessly through Amger. Arguably the house’s true showstopper is the living room. Layered with equal parts showmanship and sensitivity, it exudes happiness. Just beyond lies the heart of the home – a capacious dining room with a monumental wooden table. The hallways hold images of the old villa – a stark reminder of the old and the new.

Read the story here.

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