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June 12, 2024

iSANMATE’s Materials Open Up a World of Possibilities for Innovation With 3D Printing

The choice of materials for additive manufacturing is a key consideration depending on the intended use of the technology. As this manufacturing method expands and develops, many companies in different industries are considering its adoption. That is why today, there is a wide variety of materials to choose from, and more specifically, plastic filaments that are compatible with extrusion 3D printing. Sectors such as art, lighting, furniture, and even toys are already taking advantage of additive manufacturing to achieve customized and creative designs, reducing production costs and shortening time to market. In this context, iSANMATE has a broad portfolio of FFF 3D printing materials that open a world of possibilities for innovation with the technology.

The increased use of materials and government policies supporting 3D printing are the leading market drivers contributing to its growth and expansion. In fact, according to a report published by Market Research Future, the 3D printing materials sector is expected to reach a value of $15.4 billion by 2032, showing a compound annual growth rate of 18.07%. In turn, the wide variety of available filaments allows artists to implement the technology to produce complex and unique works that challenge the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship. The iSANMATE team explains, “Lamp and furniture designers are also increasingly embracing 3D printing technology to achieve unique design shapes, reduce material waste, and improve production efficiency.”

iSANMATE’s materials that open a world of possibilities for innovation with AM

iSANMATE’s 3D printing materials range

It is in this rapidly developing environment that we find the materials developed by iSANMATE. The Asian company stands out for three series of filaments: Rainbow, Wood, and Lamp. All of them, compatible with a wide variety of FFF 3D printers, offer colorful finishes and an appearance similar to wood or the surface of classic decorative lamps. These high-performance filaments improve manufacturing results and provide designers and manufacturers with more creative freedom and inspiration.

In addition, in order to explore the creative possibilities of these series and demonstrate how well the filaments perform, iSANMATE has collaborated with on.demand (www.on-dem.co). On.demand is one of the administrators of the well-known Cubee3D design community in Singapore and aims to provide a shopping platform for home décor products. Let’s take a look at the application cases developed from the cooperation of the two organizations.

Rainbow filament series

iSANMATE’s rainbow series of PLA and PLA+ filaments bring colorful effects to models. Through multiple printing cases carried out with on.demand, iSANMATE has demonstrated the charm of the filaments and their performance in different models, whether decorations or handicrafts. As for the gradient and color change during printing, the manufacturer points out that, depending on the amount of material used, some colors will appear or others will not. Thus, when printing at a height of about 60g/8cm, the model will appear in two colors; if the height is 180g/13cm, it will appear in three colors, and if it is 260g/20cm, it will show four colors. These series are suitable for creating works of art, original creations, or toys that generate a significant visual impact.

The rainbow series allows you to create parts with a gradient effect of various colors.

Wood filament series

PLA Wood filaments integrate the printing simplicity of PLA with the authentic texture of wood. They are made with premium materials and a precise blend of wood powder, ensuring outstanding printing results. This line of filaments has been very well received in the market, especially because of the different options offered by iSANMATE in terms of the type of wood required. You can find everything from Rose Wood to Ebony Wood and even Vera Wood, each with a different whole to offer a finish as faithful as possible to reality. Their remarkable performance is evidenced in several printing examples, where the animation clearly illustrates the extrusion effect. They are ideal for creating furniture and decorations, bringing a natural style and ecological characteristics to projects.

Lamp filament series

The lamp filament series created by iSANMATE is composed of polycarbonate (PC). This material is ideal for manufacturing lamps and fixtures that must withstand high temperatures and high-pressure conditions. Thanks to its outstanding heat and weather resistance, the product remains intact during prolonged use both indoors and outdoors, ensuring greater durability and reliability in lamps and lighting fixtures. In addition, PC filaments possess excellent transparency and optical properties, allowing for a greater variety of designs and providing more innovative appearances and effects in lamps.

Models created with the lamp filament series.

You can learn more about the different materials offered by iSANMATE by visiting their website HERE.

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*All Photo Credits: iSANMATE

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