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June 13, 2024

Nippon Paint India announces their partnership with Choksey Chemicals

Nippon Paint India is a Japan-based company that has experience of 139 years. It is one of the leading paint manufacturers of the entire world and is the number one paint manufacturer in Asia. The company manufactures high-quality paints and coats for industrial, automotive, and decorative sectors. Since its start, the company has maintained accuracy while manufacturing the products using breakthrough paint technology with a prime focus on eco-friendliness and innovation. The company follows a philosophy of enhancing lives through innovations and delivering paint solutions consistently to serve the needs of customers and also to protect the world. After ten long years in the Indian market, Nippon Paints has gained a loyal customer base and is becoming a household name. The companies apart from manufacturing interior, exterior, and enamel finishes also have many products that highlight their technological prowess. The company’s commitment is to become eco-friendly and protect the environment.

Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited has recently announced its partnership with CCPL (Choksey Chemicals Pvt. Ltd), one of the leading construction chemicals and waterproofing materials manufacturers. As part of this partnership, CCPL will now manufacture and supply waterproofing and sealant grades for Nippon Paint India and in the same way, Nippon Paint India is supporting CCPL as their sales and marketing partners in various segments like building and construction, and retail. 

Nippon Paints India aims to expand its portfolio beyond coating and paints to waterproofing, wood, floor, thermal insulation architectural, and tiling coating products. This partnership will CCPL will help Nippon Paints to achieve its goal and is expected to boost the visibility of products, distribution, and sales across India which would benefit both companies in the long run.

CCPL has a strong product portfolio and technical expertise along with the advanced paint solutions and distribution strength of Nippon Paints India will help in providing better opportunities for both the companies to explore new markets across the world and to manufacture innovative products and thus will make most of each other’s strengths. The companies are also working together to release a joint retail marketing strategy. This partnership is an important step taken by both the companies and is expected to bring benefits.  

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