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June 15, 2024

Your next role could be designing signage and wayfinding with Pentagram | News

Following our previous look at an opening for an Architect at Shigeru Ban Architects, we are using this week’s edition of our Job Highlights series to explore an open role on Archinect Jobs for a Signage & Wayfinding Project Manager at Pentagram.

The role, based in New York, calls for an individual to “execute signage, wayfinding, and environmental design projects,” including “understand design intent and translate schematic design into fully developed design intent documents.” Among the requirements for the role are 2-4 years of experience in Environmental Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Architecture in a similar role, alongside proficiency in CAD and 3D modeling programs, Adobe CC, Keynote, Google apps, and Microsoft Office.

Visual identity for Maker Mile – Pentagram’s Astrid Stavro and team. Image courtesy of Pentagram.

Why the role interests us

The open role at the Pentagram offers us the opportunity to explore some of the high-profile projects to recently appear in our editorial which Pentagram has provided wayfinding and signage services. Earlier this year, we covered progress on the Snøhetta-designed Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska, for which Pentagram is developing a new graphic identity. Pentagram has also led rebranding campaigns for the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the MIT Museum relocation (led by Höweler + Yoon), and the Museum of Arts and Design in Columbus Circle.

Pentagram’s new visual identity for the Memphis Art Museum. Video courtesy of Pentagram

In Memphis, meanwhile, the firm recently unveiled materials showcasing its new visual identity project for the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art as part of a Herzog & de Meuron-led expansion. The lettering and logo included in the kit derive from cross-section drawings of the new 122,000-square-foot building, which will grace the center of downtown at Overton Park.

“The new logo emphasizes flexibility and is designed to be dynamic, modulating both vertically and horizontally,” Pentagram said at the time. “The brand direction came from working directly with Memphians while the logo letter shapes are derived from the cascading architecture of the new building. The identity provides a host of new colors and applications that allow it to be fluid and distinctive at the same time, reflected in a custom typeface that is infinitely adaptable.”

Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College. Design led by Abbott Miller along with design team: Kim Walker Kirsty Gundry Wenjie Lu. Image courtesy of Pentagram.

Further reading for interested candidates

Job Highlights is one of a number of ongoing weekly series showcasing the opportunities available on our industry-leading job board. Our Meet Your Next Employer series profiles and interviews interesting studios with open positions currently available on Archinect Jobs, while our weekly roundups curate job opportunities by location, career level, and job description.

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