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June 20, 2024

J.A.M.E.S: Pioneering the Future of 3D Printed Electronics through Innovation and Collaboration. – 3DPrint.com

J.A.M.E.S (Jetted Additively Manufactured Electronics Sources) is leading the advancement of Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) technology. Through its collaborative platform, J.A.M.E.S brings together a diverse community of experts, fostering creativity and interaction to advance the 3D printed electronics industry.

J.A.M.E.S was established with a clear goal: to advance AME technology by sharing expert knowledge within an online community where members can also contribute their expertise. This initiative brings professionals from various backgrounds, regardless of skill levels, to push the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D printed electronics. The dedication lies in fostering innovation and accessibility for AME so it becomes practical and effective for everyone.

Plug And Play Adapter To Use BD67173NUX Chip On Arduino Breadboard

Andreas Müller, CEO of J.A.M.E.S stated, “We aim to integrate 3D printing technology with our expertise to explore the full potential of AME technology. By fostering a collaborative community along with partners’ support, we empower members to turn theoretical possibilities into practical outcomes.”

“As the field continues evolving,” he continued “we remain committed to driving progress and innovation combining talents from process owners, experts, and enthusiasts. Our goal is making AME tech more accessible throughout different industries by pushing Technology Readiness Level (TRL) through collaboration on projects, providing educational resources as well as advanced designs all dedicated to shaping the future of 3D printed electronics.”

AME Fan Motor With Driver

The J.A.M.E.S website reflects this dedication and has been designed with user-friendly features to appeal to a broader audience, aiming to increase knowledge about the most recent developments in 3D printed electronics. Users can read the latest publications, learn about different printers and materials, and stay updated on upcoming events and webinars with various experts. This ensures that everyone, from beginners to professionals, has access to the resources they need to advance their understanding of 3D printed electronics.

For more information and to explore the latest in AME technology, visit the J.A.M.E.S website.

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