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June 20, 2024

Northcote House by LLDS leads winners’ parade at 2024 Australian Interior Design Awards

Some of the best examples of interior design excellence, both nationally and internationally, were showcased at the recently announced 2024 Australian Interior Design Awards, with the meticulously styled Northcote House by LLDS topping the winners’ list with the Premier Award for Interior Design.

The 21st edition of the Awards, a partnership between the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) and Architecture Media’s Artichoke, saw the largest shortlist ever in the history of the program with 222 projects vying for recognition across sector-specific categories such as residential, retail, hospitality, public, workplace, and installation design, alongside awards for Sustainability Advancement and Emerging Interior Design Practice categories.

Of this year’s entries, the jury commented: “The calibre of projects was exceptionally high, and while exquisite craftsmanship and detailing reigned, an emphasis on strong colour, natural light and refined materiality prevailed.”

“There’s a freshness that characterises [this year], regardless of how long they have been in practice. It just goes to prove that as an industry, we are showing no signs of fatigue, and our capacity for excellence and innovation has only been strengthened,” the jury added.

LLDS’ Northcote House was praised for its “exciting collision of technology, sculpture, and innovative material use”, and its “unfamiliar yet captivating interior spaces”. For the jury, the project not only challenged the way they would typically think about residential interiors, but also impressed them with its sustainability considerations, with every component of the home manufactured within five kilometres of the site.

Northcote House also won the Award for Residential Design and Best of State Award for Residential Design (Victoria), along with the Premier Award.

Daddy Cool by Pattern Studio shared the honours with Northcote House in the Residential Design category; Daddy Cool also received the Best of State Award for Residential Design (New South Wales), with the jurors commenting that “the designers have worked a traditional terrace very hard through their exploration of minimalism in a playful yet sophisticated manner”.

Amelda Wilde Interior Design’s impactful Von Leach Residence took home the Award for Residential Decoration, with the jurors commenting that the residence had a real sense of the expression inspired from its occupants and their personal values.

In the Hospitality Design category, Purple Pit by Studio Massive with Latitude Group, and Reine and La Rue by Akin Atelier both received the top award, with Reine and La Rue also the recipient of Best of State Award for Commercial Design (Victoria). Gerard’s by J.AR Office received a commendation for its contemporary take on dramatic minimalism and was subsequently awarded the Best of State Award for Commercial Design (Queensland).

Design Wall 2023 by Hassell and the National Gallery of Victoria claimed the coveted Award for Installation Design, with the jury appreciating the project’s unique approach to exhibition design.

The Award for Public Design went to Berninneit Cultural and Community Centre by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects for creating a well-considered community space that is light, airy and extremely welcoming.

Song For The Mute’s flagship store, which was designed by Pattern Studio, received the Award for Retail Design, with the jury noting the adaptive re-use of the site, as well as the modularity of the retail pods.

Wardle’s design for 477 Pitt Street drew the jurors’ praise for their meticulous use of materials and craftsmanship in transforming the interior into a warm, welcoming, and texturally rich workplace within the CBD. This project, alongside Intermain by BVN, jointly received the Award for Workplace Design. Additionally, 477 Pitt Street was honoured with the Best of State Award for Commercial Design (New South Wales).

The Award for Sustainability Advancement was won by Kennedy Nolan with Finding Infinity for the Wilam Ngarrang Retrofit, with the panel unanimously agreeing that the project “begins and ends with sustainability, impressively standing out for its modest, considered approach to adaptive re-use and longevity”.

This year’s Emerging Interior Design Practice was awarded to Studio Shand, with the jury deeply impressed by the 4-year-old design studio’s interdisciplinary approach, as well as their passion for combining objects, interiors, and architecture into cohesive design outcomes.

2024 Awards and Commendations

Premier Award for Australian Interior Design

LLDS for Northcote House, Victoria

Residential Design


LLDS for Northcote House, Victoria

Pattern Studio for Daddy Cool, New South Wales


Kennedy Nolan for Fairlie Apartment, Victoria

Kennedy Nolan with Finding Infinity for Wilam Ngarrang Retrofit, Victoria

Prior Barraclough for Union Street House, Victoria

Tsai Design for Kirribilli Downsize Apartment, New South Wales

YSG Studio for Mo Jacobsen, Victoria

Residential Decoration


Amelda Wilde Interior Design for Von Leach Residence, Victoria


JC HQ for Petite Retreat, Victoria

YSG Studio for Checkmate, New South Wales

YSG Studio for Mo Jacobsen, Victoria

Hospitality Design


Akin Atelier for Reine and La Rue, Victoria

Studio Massive with Latitude Group for Purple Pit, Victoria


J.AR Office for Gerard’s, Queensland

Looks Generous for Bambino, Vietnam

Studio Co and Co for The Sporting Club Hotel, Victoria

Tom Mark Henry for Bar Besuto, New South Wales

Retail Design


Pattern Studio for Song for the Mute Flagship, New South Wales


Dion Hall for Pidapipó Laboratorio, Victoria

Ewert Leaf for July QV, Victoria

K. Holland Architectural Interiors for LeTao, Sydney, New South Wales

Kennedy Nolan for Up There, Victoria

Installation Design


Hassell and National Gallery of Victoria for Design Wall 2023, Victoria


Boardgrove Architects for Melbourne Now: Community Hall, Victoria

Powerhouse Museum for Zampatti Powerhouse, New South Wales

Public Design


Jackson Clements Burrows Architects for Berninneit Cultural and Community Centre, Victoria


Bates Smart for The Embassy of Australia, Washington D.C, United States of America

McIldowie Partners for Memorial Hall, Christ Church Grammar School, Victoria

Tonkin Zulaikha Greer for Art Gallery of New South Wales Library and Members Lounge, New South Wales

Workplace Design


BVN with Intermain for Intermain, New South Wales

Wardle for 477 Pitt Street, New South Wales


Hassell for Deloitte Workplace, Sydney, New South Wales

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects for Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity Hub, Victoria

Studio Edwards for Today Design, Victoria

WMK Architecture for WMK Studio, New South Wales

Sustainability Advancement


Kennedy Nolan with Finding Infinity for Wilam Ngarrang Retrofit, Victoria


Cox Architecture for CSL Global Headquarters and Centre for Research and Development, Victoria

Studio Edwards for Today Design, Victoria

Terroir for Terroir Hobart Office, Tasmania

Emerging Interior Design Practice


Studio Shand, New South Wales


House of Paule, Victoria

Lintel Studio for Architecture, New South Wales

Best of State


Australian Capital Territory – Technē Architecture and Interior Design for Canberra Centre

New South Wales – Wardle for 477 Pitt Street

Queensland – J.AR Office for Gerard’s

South Australia – Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia for Bruce Nuske with Khai Liew

Tasmania – Terroir for Terroir Hobart Office

Victoria – Akin Atelier for Reine and La Rue

Western Australia – Rezen Studio for Vin Populi


New South Wales – Pattern Studio for Daddy Cool

Queensland – SJB Interiors for Gold Coast Apartment

South Australia – Enoki for Stirling Residence

Victoria – LLDS for Northcote House

Western Australia – State of Kin for Proclamation House

International Design

Bates Smart for The Embassy of Australia, Washington D.C, United States of America

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