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June 25, 2024

Sales development of Top 5 companies in the paints and coatings industry

Over the past five years, the top 5 companies in the paints and coatings industry have experienced significant developments in their sales figures, painting a picture of the market and its growth potential.

Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel began 2019 with sales of EUR 9,280 million. In the subsequent years, the company showed stable development, with sales dropping to EUR 8,530 million in 2020 before increasing to EUR 9,587 million in 2021. The peak was reached in 2022 with EUR 10,846 million, followed by a slight decline to EUR 10,668 million in 2023.


BASF reported sales of EUR 3,746 million in 2019. Sales dropped to EUR 3,089 million in 2020 but then increased to EUR 3,440 million in 2021. A significant rise was recorded in 2022 with EUR 4,220 million, followed by another increase to EUR 4,390 million in 2023.


Jotun started 2019 with sales of EUR 1,670 million, which increased to EUR 1,962 million in 2020 and further to EUR 2,246 million in 2021. Sales continued to rise to EUR 2,759 million in 2022 and reached EUR 2,789 million in 2023.


Hempel reported sales of EUR 1,534 million in 2019, which increased to EUR 1,542 million in 2020. Subsequent years saw sales grow to EUR 1,774 million in 2021, EUR 2,159 million in 2022, and finally to EUR 2,351 million in 2023, reflecting a consistent recovery and expansion.

Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke (DAW)

DAW started 2019 with sales of EUR 1,317 million. Sales fluctuated slightly to EUR 1,101 million in 2020 and EUR 1,157 million in 2021. There was a slight increase to EUR 1,237 million in 2022, remaining stable at EUR 1,238 million in 2023.

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