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July 3, 2024

Extensive range of products and services for the coatings industry

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS will be at the European Coatings Show (ECS) 2023 in Nuremberg from March 28 to 30 to showcase its extensive product portfolio for the manufacturing of high-quality coatings. This includes biocides, ecofriendly colorants, plasticizers, coalescents, and flame retardants as well as aqueous polyurethane dispersions and urethane prepolymers. Another highlight in terms of sustainability is that for many of its iron oxide pigments that are used in common paint systems, LANXESS now offers environmental product declarations (EPDs). High-quality basic chemicals such as benzyl alcohol and benzoic acid complete the portfolio for the coatings industry.

Material protection – more than just preservation

The focus at the trade show is on the enhanced range of preservatives for comprehensive material protection. Monika Lamoratta, Technical Manager at the LANXESS Material Protection Products (MPP) business unit, said, “For us, responsible material protection is more than just preservation because biocidal substances are increasingly coming under pressure due to regulatory changes. With our products Bioban DB20 and Preventol OX, we are helping manufacturers to keep their production activities clean and become more sustainable overall. Our innovative technologies help to quickly identify critical areas in production that are predestined for microbial contamination – on-site and in the laboratory.” The safe and sustainable products from MPP are used for a variety of applications and in numerous industries. They are characterized by the fact that they protect materials from contamination by microorganisms such as bacteria, lichens, fungi, and algae. The effects they have on people and the environment in the process are minimal.

Another material protection highlight is the Preventol+ product range. It offers easily biodegradable preservatives that give optimized performance.

Synthetic pigments: EPDs create transparency

Inorganic pigments from LANXESS are once again setting a new benchmark in terms of sustainability: In the future, the company will be offering environmental product declarations (EPDs) for all Bayferrox-branded products manufactured at its main production site in Germany – the first manufacturer of synthetic iron oxide pigments to make such an offer. These declarations describe and verify construction materials, products, or components in terms of their environmental impact. By providing them, LANXESS is creating a high degree of transparency for its customers. The parties who will benefit from this the most are manufacturers of paints and coatings, who – as part of their sustainability strategy – are optimizing their value chains by using sustainable raw materials.

High performance products from the PU area

The Urethane Systems business unit is also putting forward an extensive product portfolio for the paint and coatings industry. One focus will be on raw materials for formulating aqueous systems for a wide range of applications – from glass-fiber sizings and plastic coatings right through to textile finishing or vehicle paintwork.

Trixene Aqua BI: excellent cross-linking in aqueous coating systems

The Trixene Aqua BI products serve as excellent crosslinkers and adhesion promotors for aqueous coating systems. They improve the chemical and mechanical resistance not only of highly flexible textile and fabric coatings, but also of coatings for rigid substrates. Using Trixene Aqua BI improves the performance and durability of end products.

Wictobond and Trixene Aqua BI – a strong combination for high-performance water-based PU paint systems

In addition to Trixene Aqua, LANXESS offers a full range of water-based polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) with its brand Witcobond. Witcobond products can be used for many applications, such as for water-based coatings and finishes for both hard and flexible substrates with a low proportion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Customized solutions for synthetic materials

Products from the Pellart brand are used in numerous functional coatings that are subject to stringent requirements in terms of their feel, chemical resistance, luster, temperature stability, and abrasion resistance. In particular, the Pellart range really comes into its own when minimal VOC content is required. Typical areas of application are coated materials for car interiors, such as instrument panels, seats, and door trims, but also decorative films for end consumers and industry.

Prepolymers for erosion-resistant coatings

High-quality, erosion-resistant coatings can be created using the prepolymers from the Adiprene and Trixene ranges. For example, Adiprene LFH C840 (HDI) is used for turbine blades, and Adiprene LW 520 (H12MDI) is predestined for coating aircraft wings as well as helicopter rotor blades or wind turbines. Furthermore, the Adiprene prepolymers are characterized by improved occupational hygiene and a reduced hazard classification. At the same time, they offer outstanding durability and weather resistance.

Colorants, plasticizers, coalescents, and flame retardants

In its wide range of high-quality colorants, the Colorant Additives business – which is part of the Polymer Additives business unit – offers aqueous pigment dispersions under the brand names Levanyl (organic) and Levanox (inorganic). These products combine high tinting strength, low viscosity and are binder-free. The pigment dispersions offer a wide range of possibilities, as they can be used in decorative paints, inks, paper, synthetic leather, wood preservatives and numerous other applications.

In addition to colorants, the portfolio of Polymer Additives includes a wide variety of other additives. The plasticizer Mesamoll is especially suitable for flexible sealants and adhesives that are expected to exhibit a high degree of stability, particularly in contact with concrete and moisture.

As a coalescent, K-FLEX – a plasticizer with low VOC content – optimizes essential properties of coatings such as scrub resistance, gloss, and low dirt pick-up. Both products represent alternatives to phthalate plasticizers.

Products from the Disflamoll brand offer effective flame retardance. The phosphorous-based additives are colorless and are used both in solvent-based and aqueous dispersions. They do not affect the color of the end product and are also suitable for transparent applications. Disflamoll products are used in CAS (coatings, adhesives, sealants) applications in order to satisfy fire protection requirements.

Benzyl alcohol and benzoic acid – indispensable precursors

High-quality basic chemicals are indispensable for manufacturing paints and varnishes. These include benzyl alcohol and benzoic acid, for example, which LANXESS now offers in carbon-reduced variants, too. All production locations will be certified to the ISCC+ standard – in this way, LANXESS is enabling its customers to achieve their sustainability targets. This means that the company is not only the world’s largest manufacturer of benzoic acid and a leading provider of benzyl alcohol, but also a trailblazer in terms of sustainability.

Benzyl alcohol is used as a precursor or intermediate for a variety of chemical products, especially in the coatings industry. The colorless liquid has a pleasant, mild aroma. The LANXESS Flavors & Fragrances (F&F) business unit offers benzyl alcohol as a high-quality product with outstanding properties for further processing.

Under the trade name Purox B, F&F supplies benzoic acid in various degrees of purity, including as one of the purest products available on the market. All forms of Purox B are easy to manage, virtually odorless, and have a low tendency to agglutinate. In the production of alkyd resins, for example, benzoic acid is an important precursor for controlling viscosity and enhancing the desired properties of the alkyd coating.

Four production locations on three continents ensure a reliable supply. Furthermore, customers from the coatings industry can count on many years of expertise and specific advice.

Detailed information on the products manufactured by LANXESS can be found here: www.lanxess.com.

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