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July 6, 2024

A new cafe in Ahmedabad, designed like an industrial loft, promises a welcoming experience

When walking down the streets of the burgeoning northern suburbs of Ahmedabad, a unique facade—almost akin to a puzzle of striking scale and empty bottles—will instantly pique interest. Inside, lies a space that welcomes one and all, filled with fascinating stories in every corner. Indeed, for principal architect Rohan Bhargade of Mudra Design Studio, these stories and experiences are at the heart of a good design and in this charming new cafe in Ahmedabad—where the emanating smell of fresh coffee grounds mingles with a sense of contextual nostalgia—a novel culinary and aesthetic sanctuary unfolds against a tapestry of repurposed and regional ingredients.

Rishi Goenka

“I wanted to create a space that reveals itself slowly,” begins Bhargade, who curates an avant-garde narrative for the space right from its industrialist, brutalist skeleton to the warm, assorted palette that lies inside. Armed with a brief to eschew clichéd, overdone themes in favour of an imaginative environment, Bhargade weaves local inspiration into a timeless yet modern space. Drawing inspiration from an unpretentious loft house while evoking the inclusivity of a barnyard, the aptly named The Barnyard Co. beckons to all.

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Rishi Goenka

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Rishi Goenka

Upcycled bottles adorn an arresting metal mesh on the front facade. “The bottles can form ever-changing patterns, allowing the facade to don a new character when required,” Bhargade explains. The naturally oxidised, corten steel nameplate belies the rustic, almost lived-in vocabulary of the inside. As one enters through the corridor, Bhargade crafts a strong sense of arrival through the statement ceiling—a rustic, imperfect arrangement of pallet wood strips sourced from wooden cartons of fruit vendors in the farmers’ market—setting the tone for the warmth soon to envelop visitors.

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Rishi Goenka

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